Summer Maintenance Tips For Your Artificial Turf Field

Summer is the perfect time to get your synthetic turf athletic fields in tip-top condition. For some schools, it’s a quiet season with minimum field usage before activities pick up again when preseason training begins in late July. While other schools tend to open their sports fields and facilities to the public during the summer […]

How to Address Heat on a Synthetic Turf Field

July and August are some of the busiest months for activity on multi-purpose sports fields, as teams begin to prepare for the fall season – and they are also typically the hottest months of the year. For synthetic turf field owners, they pay special attention during this time to the temperature in the air, as […]

How-To: Make a Repair on a Synthetic Turf Field

Synthetic turf fields are designed and constructed to withstand significant athletic activities in any given year. With the long hours and the significant number of athletes that practice their craft regularly, a turf field is going to need a minor repair from time to time. It’s important to have a reliable and responsive field maintenance […]

Protect Your Synthetic Turf Field During Non-Athletic Events

Synthetic turf fields are grounds for more than athletic activities; they’re often venues for outdoor events. School districts use them for graduations, awards ceremonies, and social gatherings; community centers use them for entertainment, job fairs, conferences, and a whole range of other activities.  So, how can field owners and facility managers utilize their fields for […]

How To: Add Infill to High-Traffic Areas

If you have a synthetic turf field, you know that one of the most important maintenance practices for upkeep is to regularly add infill to the high-traffic areas (and if you didn’t – now you do)! A turf field is built to sustain significant hours of activity, which means the surface is seeing repetitive activities […]

Why are Sunflower Seeds Not Allowed on Synthetic Turf?

Baseball is America’s beloved pastime and there are many coveted traditions that come along with a game on the diamond. One of those traditions that seems to go hand-in-hand with baseball or softball are sunflower seeds. There are dozens of flavors now and they help pass an athlete’s time between hitting and playing the field. […]

What to Do If Your Synthetic Turf Field Floods

In the transition between seasons, particularly the switch from winter to spring, the change in the weather is something to always be on the lookout for. However, sometimes Mother Nature throws us a curve ball, and there is no amount of preparation or awareness that can prevent damage caused by drastic or unforeseeable weather conditions. […]

How to Remove Stains from Synthetic Turf

Most synthetic turf fibers are engineered and designed to be stain resistant. The majority of stains that appear on a turf field are actually residue of foreign matter that must be promptly and thoroughly removed. It’s important to remove any stain to insure your artificial turf field isn’t negatively impacted, from both an aesthetic and […]

What Does a Turf Field Look Like as it Ages?

When you make the investment of a synthetic turf field for your organization, it’s invaluable to know what you should expect as far as the look and feel of your field as it goes through its lifecycle. Having knowledge and expectations for the aesthetic of your turf will also help you determine if your field […]

What is Included in an Annual Maintenance Visit?

One of the questions we get asked most often is “how can I extend the life of my synthetic turf field?” While there are a number of regular grooming techniques and general TLC your turf field needs, it is also important to enlist an annual maintenance program from the first year of life. An annual […]