How Long Will My Synthetic Turf Field Last & How Can I Extend Its Life?

One question that we often answer for prospective clients and field owners is “how long will our synthetic turf field last?” Purchasing a synthetic field is a large investment for your organization and your main goal is to get the most out of it. It’s no surprise that you want to know how long it’s […]

What Can You Expect From a Synthetic Turf Disinfectant Cleaning?

A key benefit for an organization making the investment into a synthetic turf field is the ability to have increased activity time and allowing more participants to take advantage of the field. With a boost in the number of people running across the field comes the need to ensure your surface is clean.  There are […]

How Long Does a Synthetic Turf Cleaning Visit Take?

Our Motz365 team conducts over 500 synthetic turf field maintenance visits each year. One of the first questions we get from any prospective customer is: how long will the service take? This is an important answer for any facility that is heavily relied upon by the school district or community, as the field will need […]

How To: Remove Chewing Gum From Your Synthetic Turf Field

It is important to keep your synthetic turf field pristine and popping by regularly cleaning and maintaining. It is also necessary to properly care for your field by avoiding certain items like chewing gum. While we recommend participants steer clear of gum, which can create a sticky situation on the field, we also know that most field users are teenagers, […]

How to Check Infill Depths on Your Synthetic Turf Field

Maintaining proper infill depths is critical to your synthetic turf field’s long life and top-notch performance. Low infill levels at high-traffic areas can lead to fiber degradation and potential patch-work needed on those areas throughout the life of your synthetic turf field.  Follow the instructions below to periodically measure your infill levels. You can check […]

How To: Synthetic Turf Field Grooming

Routine grooming of your synthetic turf field is one of the most important actions you can take to ensure your surface lasts for a decade (or more) and also continues to look good.  Tips and tricks: Ways To Giving your field proper care Below is a short video detailing how you should brush your field, […]

Top 14 Things to Avoid on Your Field for Proper Turf Care

Synthetic turf systems are designed to resist both wear and exposure to the elements. The effectiveness of their materials, design, and construction is demonstrated by the long life of fields under heavy use in many climates. With a big facility to-do list, it can be difficult to know what to prioritize for proper turf field […]

7 Tips for Painting Your Synthetic Turf Field

A benefit of purchasing a synthetic turf field is the ability to install inlaid lines and eliminate painting or striping before each game. However, some facilities still have a need to include temporary lines or logos on their surface. If your synthetic turf field has such a need, we have some suggestions and tips for […]

Why Synthetic Turf Field Grooming is Critical

Routine grooming keeps the surface free from debris and also maintains your synthetic turf system at its optimum performance. We recommend implementing a consistent maintenance schedule, putting the brush to the field for every 40 hours of activity. During the busier seasons of play, that will typically equate to every two weeks.  Routine brushing simultaneously […]

5 Best Practices for Synthetic Turf Infill Top Off

One of the benefits of a synthetic turf field is the increase in activity it can sustain. With the additional action, there are regular maintenance practices needed to ensure your field looks and performs its best. A field has areas we refer to as “high-traffic.” These are spots include penalty kicks, corner kicks – any […]