What Does Regular Maintenance of Artificial Turf Sports Fields Involve?

Whether you’re looking to install a brand new turf system at your school or recreation center, or you’d like to hone in on the best practices of maintaining an existing artificial grass field, use these golden rules of turf maintenance so that your synthetic turf athletic facilities are impeccable in quality and longevity. Turf systems […]

What Does a Great Synthetic Turf Sports Field Maintenance Routine Look Like?

Establishing a Great Turf Sports Field Maintenance Routine In part 1 of this blog series, we discussed the do’s and don’ts of synthetic turf sports field maintenance. In Part 2, we are taking a closer look on the key areas of maintenance you should conduct regularly.  Regular turf maintenance is actually quite simple, especially compared […]

Caring for Your Artificial Turf Sports Field in the Winter

Fall sports are over and winter is setting in. What should you be doing to make sure that your artificial turf sports field is game-ready in the spring-time? Thankfully, winter field maintenance is a breeze with a high-quality synthetic turf system. We hope you and your grounds team will make use of this handy guide […]

Performance Testing on Synthetic Turf Fields

There are many testing standards within the synthetic turf industry. One of the standards growing in popularity is the “FIFA Standard” or FIFA Quality Programme as it is officially called. FIFA implemented quality standards as far back as 2001 to ensure football (soccer) surfaces could be designated with a FIFA quality mark, meaning the surfaces […]

How to Maintain Your Synthetic Turf Field and Why is it Important

Often times synthetic turf installations receive little to no maintenance. This could be due to budgetary constraints, time constraints, or just a general disinterest in maintaining a field. The downside of not maintaining a field? – untimely failure. There are various meanings of the word failure as it relates to synthetic turf fields. This could […]

A Q&A: Infill’s Role When Painting a Field

We had a chance to catch up with Jeff Fisher, Synthetic Turf Product Line Manager at Pioneer Athletics. Pioneer is another Ohio-based company with a long history in the sports field market. They specialize in the paints used by sports field managers and from the little league all the way to the professional fields and […]

What the heck is HIC? Testing Sports Turf Fields

One of today’s concerns for athletes playing on synthetic turf fields is whether or not they are able to perform to the best of their abilities on the field with an unnecessary risk of injury. Field owners, parents, coaches, and athletes consider the best way to evaluate the safety of a playing surface. As the […]