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InPlay is a mini pitch synthetic turf system that offers a high-quality, fully-equipped playing field option for small areas or where space is limited. They include a 5,000-7,500 sf synthetic turf field, lined for soccer and lacrosse, and are enclosed with fencing or netting. The systems can also include the use of a shock absorption pad under the turf and typically an organic infill to help mitigate the heat.

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Repurposes under-utilized play spaces

Our mini soccer pitch systems are typically constructed over an existing tennis or basketball court, even some old parking or dirt lots. Even though they include a synthetic turf field, there isn’t the need for base construction and they can simply be installed on the concrete or asphalt. This allows for the ability to repurpose under-utilized or unkempt spaces and establish a usable play area for the surrounding community.

Offers additional space for practice

Utilizing a mini pitch can provide more areas on campus that allow athletes to perfect their craft, which gives them added benefits of:

  • Increased touches and opportunities to work on areas of improvement for their game
  • A fast-paced game, due to the quick nature of the turf surface, helps preparation for real game-time intensity
  • The ball is always in play. The surrounding enclosure prevents players from spending time chasing down the ball.

Creates more green space

Considering they’re installed over old courts or parking lots, a mini pitch turf system itself can bring some added green space or color. The panels that create the box around the field can be decorated with advertising or school colors, to bring additional life to the small area.

Provides a safe place for users to play

Each InPlay system is constructed with panels and netting to create an enclosed area around the field for participants to safely play soccer or lacrosse. In addition, doors or gates can be locked, if extra safety is necessary.

Builds and unifies communities

We have installed InPlay mini pitches in many diverse areas, and the consensus is clear for organizations that make use of a system like this: it provides the ability to bring the community together for common activities.

Benefits of a Mini Soccer Pitch

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