American football requires tough, resilient players whose endurance extends that of most. We ask a lot from these athletes. They deserve the same level of commitment in return. You can trust Motz to build a surface that will enhance football players’ performance, and keep up with the speed and durability that is expected of them. They need a field that is going to be reliable, consistent, and most importantly, safe.

Decades of experience in the sport turf industry have provided The Motz Group with the critical expertise required to address all of the performance characteristics football requires. Whether you are looking for a high-performance synthetic turf football field or a professional grounds crew-managed natural grass football field, Motz will provide the experience and knowledge that ensures you make the best selection for your program.

View the recommended systems below or learn more about our comprehensive safety and testing for all systems.

Football Focused Systems

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For Natural Grass Football Fields

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High School
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