Football, soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse, field hockey. In each of these sports, we ask a lot from the athletes. Shouldn’t their fields match their talent and ensure their safety? Athletes need a surface that will enhance their performance, keep up with their speed, and remain durable. They also need a field that is going to be reliable, consistent, and most importantly, safe.

At The Motz Group, the safety and performance of your athletes are our top priority when it comes to the selection of your turf system. Our Team will ensure your professional-grade field is ready to be used by your athletes in a professional-grade amount of time.The Motz Group may have fields spanning the globe, but our local business quality comes first to give our customers the service they deserve.

We offer synthetic turf systems that allow your field’s hosting abilities to go from numerous to infinite. Because your multi-purpose focused system is designed specifically as a dynamic surface, your field is sure to see some wear and tear. That’s why The Motz Group offers an exclusive 24 hour response time for your play-critical needs.  See some of our work below.

View the recommended systems below or learn more about our comprehensive safety and testing for all systems.