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The Motz Group has over 40 years of experience in building fields and futures with professionally-designed sports turf fields. As athletic field specialists, we provide an advanced series of turf field systems to fit the need of any sport and their requirements.

We build fields in Erie for a wide range of sports including football, soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse, and field hockey. Our professional field construction skills can accommodate multi-purpose and indoor fields. We also install artificial grass used for parks and recreation.

At The Motz Group, our dedication to durable natural and artificial sports turf shows in our expertise. We bring winning surfaces to Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Southern Michigan. You can also find our fields in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio.

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The Motz Group’s Synthetic and Natural Turf Products

At The Motz Group, we know the importance of customizing each field for a particular sport or complex’s needs. We offer high-performance natural and synthetic turf options and give you the tools to find the best turf for your field’s surface.

Our team is skilled in developing advanced synthetic turf fields through innovative techniques. Whether you’re replacing already existing artificial grass fields, performing maintenance on turf, or converting a natural surface to a synthetic one, you can rely on Motz to deliver a winning surface. Each field is built with expertise and mastery of natural and synthetic turf design.

Synthetic Sports Turf Fields in Erie

With more than 15 years of experience, The Motz Group knows the key elements to designing, building, and maintaining artificial grass sports turf fields in Erie and other areas of Western Pennsylvania. With over 400 winning fields on the ground, we customize our synthetic turf to meet the needs of each respective sport. Every athlete who plays on Motz artificial sports turf also experiences the benefits of synthetic turf.

Our custom line of high-performance synthetic field material manufactured by Shaw Sports Turf has the durability, playability, and safety we implement into each field design. We also offer a wide variety of synthetic turf systems including Twenty-Four/Seven, SportGrass, CrossFlex, and TriplePlay turf. The Motz Group will assess your facility and athletic field needs to help you identify the best turf system.

Natural Grass Turf Fields

The Motz Group offers advanced natural grass and hybrid sports turf for any athletic field in Erie and other cities in Western Pennsylvania. As leaders in the high-performance turf industry, our natural grass-field building skill originates to over 40 years ago when we first began our business. We are internationally recognized in the industry and are committed to quality, innovation, and safety.

Our line of natural fields for pro-grade sports venues includes AirPAT, Eclipse, and High Performance Gravity. The Motz Group will help you navigate through the details of each natural turf field system, allowing you to make an informed decision on choosing the best fit.

Why Trust The Motz Group to Build Your Synthetic or Natural Turf Sports Field in Erie?

The Motz Group has long been a trusted designer and builder of high-performance natural and synthetic turf fields. With over 400 fields on the ground throughout Western Pennsylvania, Southern Michigan, and West Virginia. Our fields can also be found in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. We know the importance of a well-designed surface and strive for safety in every field. We have a variety of recent projects including practice fields for NFL and MLB teams, community centers, and sports complexes. Motz successfully builds artificial turf fields for colleges, high schools, and indoor recreation centers.

When it comes to artificial grass and professional-grade natural turf, The Motz Group’s experience and skill are unparalleled. Our set of unique traits and values make us a leader in the synthetic turf industry:

We Design Field Programs for You

Each natural or synthetic sports turf surface designed by us is made to meet the requirements of the respective sport, facility, and overall field needs. We also tailor the entire process and payment package to you, allowing you to focus on your team and winning.

We Share the Same Values

As a coach, athletic director, or facilities manager, you know the importance of communication between you and your team. The Motz Group guarantees a response within 24-hours of contacting us and we want your Erie team to win each game.

We Are Your Teammates for Life

After The Motz Group finishes building your turf field, we will be on your team every season. Our synthetic services are designed to help extend your field’s lifespan and we will follow through on repair, weather remediation, and any other service needed following installation.

We will also help take care of fields that were not installed by Motz and ensure the artificial turf is being properly cared for and maintained. Our Synthetic Maintenance Program provides maintenance and support every year after building is completed.

Artificial Sports Turf and Natural Sports Turf Fields in Erie

The Motz Group’s synthetic turf fields in Erie are durable and safe. We are also skilled in constructing natural grass turf fields and have been building them for over 40 years.

We are the experts in the natural and synthetic turf sports field industry. Our designers and builders both know and understand which turf will enhance playability and remain durable. If your sports facility in Erie needs a synthetic turf sports field, Motz will deliver a winning surface. Our professional-grade natural and artificial turf capabilities go beyond the regional area and serve customers nationally.

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Which Synthetic Turf System Is Right for You?

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