Build & Install Natural & Synthetic Turf Sports Fields

The Motz Group has been building and installing both natural and synthetic sports fields for decades. We’re proud to be a leading provider of synthetic turf fields to the Midwest and we currently have over 300 fields on the ground. Whether you’re considering a new build, taking on a natural-to-synthetic conversion, or approaching a synthetic turf replacement, The Motz Group can be your sports field coach.

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Synthetic Turf Sports Fields

Building & Installation in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky & Beyond

Our comprehensive lineup of synthetic turf products, known for their quality and durability, is designed to meet the most demanding of sports performance requirements. The Motz Group will execute your sports field construction—from inception to completion—with excellence. Plus, we provide expert maintenance through the lifespan of your field. Backed by quality craftsmanship and a long roster of references, you can feel confident selecting The Motz Group as your general contractor or partnering us with your team of choice. Regardless of our role, a synthetic turf field constructed by The Motz Group will deliver a win. We are experienced in designing and building a variety of sports fields including football fieldsbaseball fields, and soccer fields.

Give The Motz Group a call today at 513-533-6452 or contact us online to begin your synthetic turf sports field project. We offer our synthetic turf building and installation services in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, and Southern Michigan.

Natural Grass & Hybrid Turf Sports Fields

Building & Installation in the United States & Worldwide

The Motz Group is seasoned in natural grass and hybrid sports turf nationally and internationally. Our high-performance natural fields are made of the most advanced natural grass systems, and we’ve learned what it takes to reach maximum playability in any climate around the world. Our hybrid sports turf is both natural and flexible and meets the demands of all sports in the continental United States, Europe, Australia, and beyond. Our natural and hybrid sports turf is perfect for any team that relies on natural high-performance turf for their athletic fields. It can withstand the intensity of athletes on a turf football field, as well as the wear and tear on a synthetic soccer field.

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Highly Tested Natural & Synthetic Sports Turf

We thoroughly research each field design and perform industry standard safety tests to ensure your team is playing on the best surface possible. In addition to field safety, The Motz Group goes above and beyond to find the perfect sports turf solution for your high-performance or professional-grade stadium, venue, or complex. We are the experts in both natural and synthetic sports turf and we provide resources for you as you plan the field of your dreams.

Sports Field Building & Installation Services by The Motz Group

With over four decades of experience in the synthetic and natural turf sports field industry, The Motz Group knows what it takes to create a winning surface. We are committed to researching and implementing innovative technology behind the building and installation of each field.

The Motz Group will help you maximize your space with a custom-built, professional-grade field. We are the most qualified in the artificial turf industry and will bring a winning surface to your sports field.

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