Test & Inspect

Regular testing and inspection of your synthetic turf field is recommended to ensure your surface is performing at an acceptable industry standard. Whether your concern is drainage, safety, or overall player performance, The Motz Group can perform a thorough evaluation using synthetic turf testing to determine areas for improvement, identify safety hazards, and make recommendations for remediation. Motz offers synthetic turf inspections at no cost, and if needed can provide a quote for testing, maintenance, remediation, or even replacement.

Some of these issues can be solved or even avoided by taking advantage of our annual Synthetic Maintenance Program. Regardless of the challenge at hand, our team is here to provide you with solutions that meet your needs, your timeline, and your budget.

The Motz Group offers the following tests for your synthetic turf field:

  • Ball Roll
  • Drainage
  • Durability
  • GMAX
  • Head Injury Criterion
  • Vertical Rebound
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