Weather Remediation

Sometimes Mother Nature deals us a rough hand. Perhaps it’s snow, strong winds, or flash flooding that damage a synthetic turf field. Regardless of the cause, Motz is here to remediate what she leaves behind.

Areas of Focus

We Have You Covered
Snow Removal: The Motz Group’s team of professionals can be called upon to take the heavy lifting off your plate. If your field is covered in snow and you are looking for assistance with removal, look no further. Motz can walk you through the best practices for snow removal on a synthetic turf field or we can send our team of professionals to perform the work for you!
Damaging Winds: Sometimes excessively strong winds can wreak havoc on your synthetic turf field. It can cause fallen debris and unwanted materials to blow onto your surface. If strong enough, winds can cause other materials or objects to come loose, damaging the turf. Regardless of how it happens, strong winds can negatively impact your surface. If they do, Motz is here to help. We can provide guidance on proper debris removal, remove the debris for you, and repair areas in which the synthetic turf was effected.
Flood Recovery: Flooding can be devastating and in some cases unexpected. Though synthetic turf fields are built to drain at a high rate, and perform under extremely wet conditions, a flood or flash flood scenario is beyond what any builder can plan for. The Motz Group understands the impact this can have on a community and are ready to step in. We’ll quickly perform synthetic turf water cleanup should this unfortunate situation arise.
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