At The Motz Group, we exceed expectations in building and installing premier sports turf fields. Our partnership with Shaw Sports Turf and our dedication to the construction of athletic fields shows in our custom-line of high-performance synthetic turf products.

With Shaw Sports Turf, each sports turf field designed and built by Motz is expertly planned and installed. We also offer turf removal, replacement, and maintenance after a field project is complete. Our synthetic turf maintenance program ensures our custom-line of turf manufactured by Shaw is long lasting, durable, and high performing for every game.

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Build & Install a Sports Turf Field with The Motz Group

Shaw Sports Turf manufactures custom turf for The Motz Group to build and design fields with. We have a variety of synthetic sports turf that accommodate the needs of each sport and player on the field. Our synthetic sports turf includes:

Synthetic Sports Turf Systems:
Twenty-Four Seven
Shaw Sports Turf manufactures our Twenty-Four Seven synthetic turf as the go-to multi-use surface. It’s long-lasting and durable build acts as a winning surface for a wide range of sports including football, lacrosse, field hockey, and soccer. A Motz sports field designed and built with Twenty-Four Seven artificial sports turf is an effective field choice for any field requirement.
The SportGrass synthetic turf system manufactured by Shaw Sports Turf for Motz field surfaces guarantees peak performance through strength and solidity. Its extended performance and wide-fiber design are ideal for soccer fields. Your SportGrass synthetic turf field designed, built, and installed by The Motz Group is sure to win every time.
CrossFlex synthetic turf features a blend of two winning field systems and will be resilient to years of game-changing plays and overtime. With two underlying layers keeping each synthetic fiber in place, you’re bound to have the perfect surface to score on. A CrossFlex system supports a variety of sports like lacrosse, field hockey, football, soccer, and more. Count on a Motz CrossFlex turf system today.
The TriplePlay synthetic turf proudly manufactured by Shaw Sports Turf and made for Motz fields captures the needs of a baseball and softball field all in one surface. With all-encompassing stability, players will experience the extra protection and consistency throughout every inning. Hit a homerun on The Motz Group’s TriplePlay turf system this season.
Innovation in Sports Turf Field Designs & Builds

The partnership between The Motz Group and Shaw Sports Turf guarantees a win for everyone. Innovation powers the design of each sports turf field system, design, build, and installation. We share many of the same goals and values with Shaw Sports Turf and will follow-through on successful field designs every time.

Shaw Sports Turf and The Motz Group are committed to achieving the goal of winning synthetic turf field surfaces through innovative technology and design. With our strategic partnership, synthetic turf fields across OH, KY, IN and WV are better than ever.

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Which Synthetic Turf System Is Right for You?

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