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As the experts in building and installing synthetic and natural turf fields, The Motz Group implements safety, durability, and innovative technology into each surface. We have over 40 years of experience and provide an advanced series of turf field systems to fit the need of any sport and their requirements.

At The Motz Group, our dedication to safe and durable natural and artificial sports turf fields shows in our expertise. We bring winning surfaces to Michigan, Western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. You can also find our fields in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. Each field design is driven by innovation and research to invent the best surface for your team.

We build fields in Detroit for a wide range of sports including football, soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse, and field hockey. Our professional field construction skills can accommodate multi-purpose and indoor fields. We also install artificial grass used for parks and recreation.

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The Motz Group’s Synthetic and Natural Turf Products

The Motz Group knows the importance of customizing each field for a particular sport or complex’s needs. Our high-performance natural and synthetic turf options allow you to find the best surface material for your field.

We are skilled in converting natural surfaces into synthetic ones, replacing already existing synthetic turf fields, and performing maintenance on artificial turf in need of an update. All fields are built with expertise and mastery of natural and synthetic turf design.

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