Take Care of Your
Artificial Turf Field
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Maximize the performance and longevity
of your synthetic turf field

Your artificial turf fields have to perform, not just when they’re installed, but for years under the spotlight and through the toughest conditions known to sports. That’s why Motz is committed to being there throughout the life of your synthetic turf field to make sure the highest levels of quality, value, and performance sustain. We offer a range of turf field maintenance programs and services to keep your synthetic turf field in ideal playing condition. You can trust our team will respond to any situation with unmatched speed and bring solutions to every challenge to not only maximize the lifespan of your synthetic turf field, but also address any damage or hazards to ensure the continued safety for your athletes.

2021 Average Response Time
To Critical Play Repairs
Years Maintaining
Synthetic Turf Fields

Our Artificial Turf Field Maintenance Programs and Services

Deep Clean

Our comprehensive, annual 5-step turf field maintenance program. We designate a day to repair, clean, maintain, and test your synthetic turf system, and then provide recommendations for optimal field conditions.

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We perform a thorough evaluation using artificial sports turf testing to determine areas for improvement, identify safety hazards, and make recommendations for remediation.

Rapid Repair

When synthetic turf field damages arise and you need urgent repairs, you can count on our expert crew to respond within 24-hours to repair any issues to your field.

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