AirPAT™ is a technologically advanced active rootzone management system. Employing proprietary vacuum/ventilation technology to generate near-ideal growing conditions, it delivers superior results in any climate. AirPAT is designed for total customization, allowing the client to choose features most beneficial to their venue. These can include vacuum drainage, forced air aeration, water conservation and water recycling, rootzone warming, continuous rootzone monitoring, and automated and remote system operation.


Rootzone moisture management

Uniform & consistent air distribution

Innovative rootzone warming technology

Space Saving Layout - 78% Mechanical Room Footprint Reduction

Positive & negative Rootzone Airflow


Monitoring of the rootzone environment

  • Sensors continuously collect data on temperature, volumetric water, O2 percentage
  • Specialized software analyzes and displays the data for groundskeeper’s use

Ability to capture, conserve, & recycle water

  • 100% of the field water is captured for recycling
  • An underground cistern stores the water for treatment and reuse
  • Drainage lines are valved to stop drainage and allow water to be held in the field

Offers above ground & subirrigation

  • Water can be applied overhead or moved uniformly through capillary action from the base
  • The watertight barrier allows the groundskeeper complete control of moisture conditions

Delivers gravity & vacuum-enhanced drainage

  • High rootzone infiltration results in optimal drainage rates
  • During severe rain events vacuum is applied to the drainage system to accelerate flow

Positive & negative air flow through the root zone

  • Vacuum applied to the drainage system pulls fresh air down through the root zone
  • Variable speed fans attached to the drainage system push air up through the root zone
  • Root zone temperature is modified through the use of geothermally warmed/cooled air

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