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What Makes AirPAT Different from Other Rootzone Management Systems?

When Motz decided to re-engineer the Prescription Athletic Turf (PAT) system, it was with a commitment to meaningfully improve on what was already available. Offering products that move the industry forward is in our DNA. We assembled a team of civil, mechanical, and software engineers along with drainage experts to help us reach our goals: optimize both drainage rates and air distribution uniformity, include features that support sustainability, assure user-friendly operation, functional flexibility, and design for straightforward constructability. The end result was the development of AirPAT™, the most advanced natural grass rootzone management system in the world.

How is AirPAT Different from other Rootzone Management Systems

1. Proprietary vacuum and ventilation technology

Employing proprietary vacuum and ventilation technology to generate near-ideal growing conditions, AirPAT delivers superior results in any climate, proven through successful installations in Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Sydney, Australia.

2. Ability to control Mother Nature

With the ability to control nearly every aspect of the system and respond to Mother Nature’s every move, Grounds Managers now have all the tools to chase perfection.

3. Design for total customization

AirPAT is designed for total customization, allowing the owner to choose those features most supportive of their field management objectives.

Some of the key benefits that set AirPAT apart from other vacuum/ventilation systems, include:

  1. Average 78% reduction in footprint when compared to other vacuum-ventilation systems  
  2. Innovative rootzone warming without the need for a costly furnace
  3. Low profile playing field drainage cross section provides greater flexibility for sites with below grade limitations.
  4. Custom fabricated piping and fittings that maximize uniformity of airflow and enhanced drainage
  5. Option to capture, conserve and recycle water

An AirPAT system can be designed and constructed under several scenarios. As a comprehensive sports field builder, our team can seamlessly take the project from concept to finished product under a typical design and build contract. Placed in a design-assist role, Motz can support the owner’s team by providing design drawings, written specifications, and full construction services. Finally, Motz can design and install the mechanical componentry, allowing an owner to “bid out” the field construction. 

AirPAT provides grounds personnel with a comprehensive toolkit to support their management decisions and create perfect growth conditions, including:

  1. Continuous monitoring of the rootzone temperature and moisture percentage
  2. Automated and remote operation
  3. Incidental rootzone cooling and controlled rootzone warming 
  4. Site-specific hardware and software with customized field reports

4. More open space in control room set-up with AirPAT

This drawing is from a recent stadium installation of the AirPAT system. Space outlined in red was originally designed to accommodate another vacuum ventilation system. AirPAT, with a 78% reduced footprint (indicated in the purple boxes), allowed the room to have more open area when installed.

Take Control of Mother Nature with Motz AirPAT Rootzoone For Your Natural Grass Field

Managing a consistent natural grass field doesn’t have to be difficult when you have the right technology. If AirPAT sounds like a solution for your facility, get in touch with our team today. Let’s talk about how AirPAT can benefit your high-performance system.

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