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Every aspect of our work is driven by purpose. Specifically, Motz Moves is dedicated to empowering our team and supporting community partners in creating positive, lasting change. We believe in the ripple effect, that one act of kindness or inspiration can evoke curiosity and lead to a chain reaction of transformation.


The Power of Purpose

We understand the power of movement and choice. We encourage people to embrace their abilities, whether it's through physical activity or self-enrichment. We know that by tapping into our natural desire to move and explore, we can unlock our full potential.​

We use our skills, talent, and passion to pay it forward. Our aim is to level the playing field for all individuals, ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities for growth and success.​

We embrace fun and freedom. We know that when we are enjoying ourselves and provided the space to create without limitations, incredible things happen. By creating beautiful spaces where challenges are left behind, we build a brighter future for all.​


Paddle For A Purpose is a special initiative in partnership with The Motz Group and Motz Moves. Joe Motz (Founder) will paddle a canoe 3,000 miles over the course of 4 months, sharing his journey, his passion for The Bridge Adaptive Sports & Recreation, and inviting others to propel the ripple effect of this splash-worthy cause. All funds that are contributed will directly benefit The Bridge. Donations will support the organization’s program quality, sustainability, and infrastructure.

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community impact

Our culture is centered around moving people to better lives—throughout our team, our community and our families. We pride ourselves on being an organization where people matter and strive to continuously give back to the communities we proudly serve.

Purpose Day & Fundraisers

Our company participates and hosts several service projects, food, clothing and blood drives, as well as various charity fundraisers. We partner with the affiliate nonprofit associations of the FC Cincinnati Foundation,  Cincinnati Reds Community Fund, and Cleveland Guardians to be of service to our local communities each year.

Impact Fund

Our employees participate in an annual impact fund, which is fully funded by the employees and then matched by the company at the end of the year. Motz creates grants with these funds, and any 501c organization is invited to submit an application for a cause they’re passionate about.

Make It Grow

Every year around the holidays, Motz gives each employee a dollar amount to spend as they wish. There is only one rule that comes along with these funds: do good. Each employee is encouraged to take their money and do something special or impactful. Perhaps they choose to give it to someone in their life who has come upon hard times, maybe to a local animal shelter because they love dogs, or share it with the charities they’re most inspired by. At the end of the day, it doesn’t much matter where it goes, just as long as it does good.

Volunteer Time Off

In addition, we offer each of our employees a personal day, away from work, to dedicate to giving back. The cause is completely up to the individual. Not only does this help spread support across many entities, but it allows our team members to get involved in causes they are truly passionate about.

Motz Community Involvement

Over 8,000 hours of Community Service Reported Since 2018
$70,000+ in Employee Donations made since 2018
Motz Employees Impacted over 90 Local, National, and International Charities


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Careers at Motz

People are the reason Motz has thrived since 1977—those who built, live and breathe our strong culture every day. As an organization, we are striving to double our size and triple the impact through expanding our teams and giving back to the communities we serve. Learn more about our career opportunities and joining the Motz team.

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