Safeshell® and Safeshell SmoothPlay™ make up our nontoxic, organic infill line-up that come from 100% USA-grown walnut shells. They give you everything you love about a natural infill, while not compromising on safety, integrity, or quality. They are low-maintenance, long-lasting, and remarkably safe for people, pets, and the environment—a total game-changer for your turf system.


There’s no shortage of applications for artificial turf that uses Safeshell infill, from in the backyard and around the pool to shared recreational spaces. Safeshell’s toughness, durability and naturally cooling properties make it a great fit for the sports field, while its allergen and toxin-free status make it a perfectly safe pick for the playground too.


Safeshell SmoothPlay is our latest innovation in infills that is cooler, with less friction and high durability. Due to its fine granular size, it settles easily into dense turf systems, and is recommended for soccer, baseball, and American football.

Lowest Maintenance

Unlike other organic infills, Safeshell stays in place, doesn't break down, and doesn't change in the hot or wet climates. The round shape of each grain helps the product resist compaction. It doesn’t float and plays the same wet or dry.

Naturally Durable

As the most durable natural infill on the market, Safeshell won’t break down and it doesn't float, which means there is limited migration of the product and it stays in place. With the 8-year warranty and limited top-off required, you'll be able to always depend on Safeshell for athletic fields, yards, playgrounds, and more.

Cooler Temperatures

Safeshell excels at evaporative cooling - the key to a cooler playing surface. It absorbs water with minimal expansion and then releases it slowly over time to help keep surfaces from heating up too quickly.

Safe & Organic

With Safeshell, you get peace of mind that your infill is made from organic and food-grade components. We also developed a patent-pending process that reduces allergens that remain on the shell after separation from the nut. Following FDA guidelines, our process removes allergens below 2.4 parts per million.

Grown in the U.S.A.

Safeshell is made of 100% USA grown walnut shells. When buying Safeshell, you're supporting American farmers and agriculture.

Proprietary Blend

To achieve optimal performance, we blend Black and English walnut shells to make Safeshell. Black walnut shells are thicker; once the shells are ground, the grains are rounder and less abrasive. Combining them with the thinner, less round grains of ground English shells results in a proprietary mix that’s the perfect balance of firm, fast, and player-friendly.

USDA Biopreferred

Safeshell contains 100% USDA certified biobased content showing our company meets the high standards set forth by the USDA Secretary of Agriculture.

Perfect for Landscape

Safeshell is a versatile natural infill that can be installed in athletic fields as well as landscape applications. Use cases in residential and commercial applications include lawns, playgrounds, recreation, and play spaces. For smaller landscape applications, such as a backyard, front yard, or commercial lawn, Safeshell is sold in 25lb bags and can be shipped anywhere in The United States.

Everything You Love About a Natural Infill. Developed With Athletes Comfort In Mind.

SmoothPlay Has All of the Benefits of Safeshell Plus:


  • Sports Fields
  • Lawns
  • Playgrounds

Sports Fields

Proven and installed in numerous athletic fields and warning track installations.

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Turf infill for your home’s artificial lawn: it’s clean, toxin-free, and durable.

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Turf infill for safe, clean, and environmentally-friendly playgrounds.

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The Gold Standard for All-Natural Turf Infill

Organic turf infill doesn’t come with trade-offs

Organic, nontoxic infill for your turf system is a game-changer. Safeshell does the seemingly impossible, combining performance with environmental stewardship and safety in low-maintenance, long-lasting turf systems. Ideally suited for athletic fields, home landscapes, parks, playgrounds, and more.

The front runner in natural infill for athletics and landscape

As any athletic director can attest, practice makes perfect. For the past 10 years, Motz has focused on perfecting natural, crumb rubber alternatives for exceptional turf sports fields and home landscaping. Welcome to the new era of turf infill; the grass isn’t just greener on this side, it’s cleaner, cooler, and more durable, too!

Where To Buy Safeshell

Motz provides Envirofill for landscaping and putting green projects through our nationwide distribution and installation network. Purchase Envirofill from one of our trusted dealers, from your local Home Depot, or find a reliable installer.

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Safeshell SmoothPlay | Developed With an Athletes Comfort In Mind
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