East Central High School Safeshell Warning Track

Project Overview

East Central High School supports roughly 1,300 students in St. Leon, Indiana. The school provides a wide range of sports for their students to competitively participate in throughout the year — including a popular spring sport, baseball. To cut down on maintenance and increase field performance, East Central High School installed a new artificial turf baseball field with a warning track for player safety.

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The Challenge

The Motz Group, a Cincinnati-based sports construction firm, installed East Central’s artificial turf field with a high performance warning track. The field needed an infill to support the warning track to alert players from getting too close to the fence line, while also offering a cutting-edge turf system with the best technology.

The Solution

Outfielders frequently get hurt when they’re running full speed to catch a ball and forget to look back to see if they’re getting close to the fenceline. To combat this issue, Safeshell was installed to provide protection for the outfielders. Safeshell infill has a specific auditory sound cue and unique feel underfoot that signals to players that they’re on the warning track instead of in the outfield. Installing Safeshell in the warning track was the last step needed to turn their artificial turf baseball field into a safer, low maintenance, high-performance field.

The Result

Safety First:

East Central High School prioritizes the safety of their players. Safeshell, made from all-natural walnut shells, has a unique texture and auditory cue that signals to players as soon as they step onto it — keeping them safe as they play.


With the switch from natural grass to synthetic turf, East Central High School needed an infill that would give them a high-performing surface. Safeshell and the school’s synthetic turf system work together to provide the highest quality field for play.

Blend in Aesthetics

The natural brown hue of Safeshell perfectly blends into the warning tracks of baseball fields — making it a winning combo for athletes and spectators.

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Where to Buy Infill for Sports Fields

Motz offers two innovative turf infills that champion durability and performance while being low maintenance, safe and earth-friendly. Work with your contractor or field designer to request a sample or place an order. Contact us for any questions you may have about the ordering process.

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