Synthetic Turf Sports Fields

For over 15 years, The Motz Group has built and maintained synthetic sports turf fields, and it has been a leader in the sports turf industry for more than 40 years. We have over 400 fields on the ground and know everything that is needed to create and deliver a winning surface.

Whether you’re evaluating a natural-to-synthetic turf conversion, finding ways to maintain your existing synthetic sports turf field, or preparing for an upcoming synthetic field replacement, The Motz Group will be your guide. The Motz Group’s turf systems deliver unparalleled durability, with the look, feel, and playability of natural grass.

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Synthetic Sports Turf Expertise:
Synthetic Sports Turf Products

Our custom line of synthetic turf products manufactured by Shaw Sports Turf is durable and safe. We offer a series of systems and will help you identify which type of sports turf is best for your stadium, facility, or complex. You can also use our synthetic turf recommendation tool to help you navigate your choices. Each turf system has a unique set of benefits that make it suitable for certain sports, and The Motz Group experts will guide you through the entire process.

Synthetic Sports Turf Services

Your field is an important investment to your facility and the athletes in which it serves. Quality and longevity are crucial to making it a smart one. You can rely on The Motz Group’s expertise from inception to construction to maintenance for the life of your field. We are equipped to handle all of your synthetic sports turf field service needs and will keep your field in the best condition possible. From start to finish, The Motz Group has synthetic services for every field need.

Synthetic Sports Turf Programs

Building and installing synthetic turf from The Motz Group requires considering a variety of factors. From cost to installation, each step of a synthetic turf field purchase should be well planned. The Motz Group offers procurement solutions such as cooperative purchasing and payment plans, as well as a comprehensive maintenance program to increase your field’s longevity after installation.

Synthetic Turf System Recommender

Use the Motz Synthetic Turf System Recommender tool to get customized results for your facility, featuring the perfect synthetic turf system for your future field.

Shaw Partnership

Shaw Sports Turf manufactures Motz’s custom line of synthetic turf products. We have a variety of high-performance synthetic turf systems that accommodate the needs of each sport and player on the field. Read more about this powerhouse team.

Tested & Researched Synthetic Turf

The Motz Group is committed to building high-performance sports turf fields and conducts thorough research and testing before installing our manufactured turf. Our comprehensive safety tests examine every factor, and we go above and beyond to find the perfect sports turf solution for you. We’ve learned a lot over the years in the sports turf industry and want to share our resources to make your field planning easier and more informed.

Why Should The Motz Group Build & Install Your Synthetic Turf Sports Field?

We have over 40 years of experience in the synthetic sports turf industry. As synthetic turf experts, we know what a winning field is made of. The Motz Group dedicates time to researching every element of a field and using innovative technology to make well-thought-out decisions. We will help you maximize your field space and bring the right kind of  synthetic turf to the surface of your field.

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Our Synthetic Sports Turf Service Areas

We are committed to serving several areas of the United States with quality products, systems and services. Our natural grass services are available nationwide. We provide synthetic turf sports systems in select areas of the country, including:

The Motz Group’s turf will enhance your overall field and provide a safe, high-performing surface for all athletes who use it. Our expertise and skill in synthetic sports turf fields are unparalleled.

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