How To Become An Envirofill Distributor

5 Steps To Becoming An Envirofill Distributor

  1. Request an introductory call with a Regional Sales Manager for your region
  2. Share where you are located or where you can service an available distribution territory
  3. Review the alignment of requirements for volume commitments, customer service, and order fulfillment
  4. Submit credit application
  5. Place first order and start receiving the partner benefits and support from Motz

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Why Sell Envirofill

Infill is what we do!  We are dedicated to the synthetic turf industry and put our time, effort, and resources behind growing, supporting, and advocating for the industry. Our team of experts are here to support suppliers in the artificial turf industry and landscape turf installers by increasing their sales through our Envirofill Distributor Program.



Envirofill is the #1 recognized infill brand for residential and commercial installations, putting greens, pet applications, and playgrounds.


Envirofill by Motz Bag


Envirofill Includes:

  • Exclusive Microban partnership
  • Over 15 years of proven performance and extensive testing
  • 16-year warranty
  • Lowest maintenance infill choice
  • Pet-friendly and sustainable



No matter if you are a newer player in the marketplace or have been in the industry for years, becoming an Envirofill Distributor is the best business decision if you want to position your business model for future sustainability and success.

Putting Green with Envirofill - Comparison vs Raw Sand for Email


The Advantages of being an Envirofill Distributor:

  • Increase your revenue
  • Fewer call backs due to pet odor
  • Provide a better end-user experience for your customer
  • Expand your company exposure due to Envirofill’s brand recognition

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