Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Project Overview

Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience is a massive, interactive sports exhibit spanning 7.5 acres at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, installed in 2017 and opened to the public in March of 2018. The exciting installation features soccer, baseball, and football fields as well as a 36-hole “mini golf” putting green featuring miniaturized replicas of famous greens from around the world. The intention behind the complex? To make athleticism and movement fun and exciting to foster health and fitness in visitors of all ages.



Infill Type


The Challenge

Because the museum welcomed over 1.3 million visitors in 2019 alone, the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience required a turf infill with incredible durability and safety ratings to handle high volumes of traffic. The chosen infill needed to also be versatile and high performing in a variety of indoor and outdoor sports applications for the public to enjoy.

The Solution

Envirofill For The Win! 

Envirofill offered the museum a combination of important attributes, so it was selected as the turf infill in 4 out of the 12 unique sports experiences that comprise the exhibit.  Envirofill’s lush, vibrantly green appearance and professional-level performance create a beautiful and welcoming ambiance while the protections offered through its antimicrobial, certified non-toxic, and allergen-free status make it a practical, responsible choice.

Envirofill was our go-to infill option for The Children's Museum of Indianapolis because of the versatility of the product. Each artificial turf application is a unique installation, but they all endure heavy use and need to be safe with numerous children playing on the turf daily. We value Envirofill’s durable coating and antimicrobial protection.

SYNLawn | Installer

The Result


Envirofill can handle the crowds, intense play, heat, and inclement weather. There’s really nothing it can’t withstand, and it shatters industry norms with a 16-year product warranty. It can be reused over several lifecycles without compromising performance or quality.


Envirofill raises the bar when it comes to the hygiene and safety of turf infill, thanks to Microban, which is an antimicrobial agent infused into each grain. It’s also dust-free, allergen-free, and completely non-toxic.


All 4 installations featuring Envirofill offer an exceptional playing experience. Envirofill integrates seamlessly with all manner of turf applications, creating a fast, firm surface and vibrant, full aesthetic in every type of sports field or putting green.

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