50 West Brewing Company

Project Overview

These days, breweries are outdoor destinations that offer way more than craft beer. 50 West Brewing Company is no exception. It’s a hub of outdoor activity that’s used for private events, concerts, and recreation. Recently, the brewery converted an existing parking lot into a dreamy artificial turf lawn, which coincided with the opening of a new burger bar on site, and thus joining the ranks of breweries maximizing outdoor space with attractive, low-maintenance synthetic turf.



Infill Type


The Challenge

50 West Brewing Company hired  Keepers Turf, an Envirofill distributor and installation company,  to design and install a 7,200 square foot synthetic turf system over their asphalt parking lot. They wanted their system to be safe for animals and kids, endure rain, sun, and snow, cope with large volumes of people day after day, and still look and feel great — with minimal upkeep.

The Solution

Enter Envirofill! Keepers Turf knew it was the best infill for the job. With kids and pets running around, as well as the inevitable beer spillage, Envirofill’s non-toxic antimicrobial properties make it the best turf infill for outdoor family-style areas like the one designed for 50 West. And because the system was installed over asphalt, Keepers Turf used an Alveo shock pad as an underlayment for comfort, safety and stormwater conveyance. Learn more about the importance of installing a shock pad under your artificial grass project here.

Our artificial turf Beer Garden has been a great addition to our brewery. Envirofill infill was an essential part of our synthetic turf installation because of its antimicrobial benefits. It has helped us expand our space and create a beautiful clean place perfect for spending a Saturday afternoon with family, friends, and of course, dogs.

50 West Brewing Co | Envirofill Customer

The Result

Clean and Non-Toxic

Beer is full of microbes and bacteria, and most of us have caught a not-so-lovely whiff of alcohol spilled on a surface. Thankfully, Envirofill offers antimicrobial product protection to combat the unwelcome bacteria and smells from inevitable spills. It’s the preferred turf infill at dog parks, so it’s more than equipped to combat bacterial growth, stains, and smells that patrons’ furry friends leave behind.


Envirofill was made to withstand heavy traffic and near-constant surface interaction. Its proven long-lasting capabilities are backed by a 16-year warranty, ensuring that merriment, dancing, and adventures at breweries like 50 West continue for years and years without interruption.

Low Maintenance

Let’s get real: 50 West Brewing Co is in the business of beer, not lawn maintenance! By installing a synthetic turf system over an existing parking lot, the brewery livened up the property, made it more usable and enjoyable, and enhanced the aesthetic with very minimal monthly upkeep.

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