Quality infill is a key component of high-performance synthetic turf systems. We’re passionate about educating field designers, owners, and contractors about the importance of infill. We’re committed to developing products that will provide a consistent, safe surface that ensures your turf system will perform its best. Motz offers two innovative infills that reflect durability and performance while being low maintenance, safe, and earth-friendly.

What is infill?

Infill is the fine particle material located at the base of synthetic turf fibers. Supporting the turf blades, it acts as the ballast, footing, and athlete shock absorption, and has a greater impact on system performance than any other component. Since 1998, synthetic turf systems mainly consisted of crumb rubber but after two decades of playing on these surfaces, field owners realized that crumb rubber didn’t meet all their needs. The quest for a better athletic experience has brought meaningful advancements including infill, pad and turf options that can be designed specifically for your geography, sport, and maintenance expectations.

Envirofill® is the innovative infill solution that’s low maintenance, clean, and reusable. Our industry-leading turf infill is made of coated, round sand and enhances the safety, durability and performance of synthetic turf.

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Safeshell is the all-natural infill option that combines being 100% natural with low maintenance. The USDA bio-preferred blend of US-grown walnut shells also cools your surface and creates a high-performance system.

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Types of infill projects

Compare Infills

Sports & Recreation
Putting Green
(We have a special Envirofill product for these applications)
(We have a special Envirofill product for these applications)
(We have a special Envirofill product for these applications)
Reduce Pet Odors
Cleanliness & Antimicrobial Protection
Long-Lasting & Durable
(16 Year Warranty)
(8 Year Warranty)
All Natural / Organic
Reduce Surface Temps