Natural Grass Fields

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Motz has served the field industry since 1977 and as result, the team knows what it takes to build a championship-quality field. We bring decades of design, engineering, agronomic and construction expertise to every project, along with innovative products that can be seen in sports venues around the world. Our high-performance natural fields are made of the most advanced natural grass systems and reach maximum playability in every climate.

Natural Grass Field Services

1. Consulting | Our knowledgeable and innovative staff closely collaborates with architects, engineers, designers and field managers to determine the best solutions for every project

2. Design/Build | We have a team of experts who are qualified and experienced in handling all aspects of the design-build process to keep projects on schedule and budget

3. Construction & Renovation | Our team is committed to bringing innovative solutions to the construction and renovation of natural grass fields from the ground up

4. Project Management | Motz is a seasoned leader in managing professional projects at high-profile sports venues across the globe

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Our natural Grass Systems

AirPAT™ | The most advanced natural grass active rootzone management system in the world designed to enhance your field’s aesthetics, quality and playability

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High-End Natural Grass Sand-Based Field Renovations | Motz provides complete natural grass customized field construction renovations from conception through project execution

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Motz designs and builds innovative natural grass fields that can withstand the intensity of a variety of sports.

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Motz has provided high-performance natural grass products and services to universities and professional sports organizations nationally and internationally for decades. We have become a trusted natural grass field partner to NFL, MLB, and MLS stadiums across the country.

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