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The Top 3 Benefits of Motz AirPAT System for Optimal Growth of a Professional Natural Grass Athletic Field

Grass growth is important for the performance and safety of your athletes and professional sports fields. A championship athletic field starts with the health of your soil and grass. This is why grounds managers and sports field facility owners want to create optimal growth of their professional natural grass athletic fields. Having natural grass technology to adjust the moisture and temperature of your soil and rootzone provides grounds managers, sports facility owners, athletes, coaches, and fans with a durable and consistent playing surface. 

What is Motz AirPat system?

AirPAT™ is a rootzone warming and ventilation system with innovative technology to save grounds managers time and sports facility owners money. AirPAT is a resource that creates optimal results from both the grounds manager and sports facility owner’s perspective, allowing them to achieve their desired field goals.

Why should grounds managers and sports field facility owners consider AirPAT?

Grounds Managers

AirPAT provides grounds managers with the resources they need to deliver fresh air to the roots and subsoil while giving them the ability to control moisture levels through a thermal dynamic rootzone warming system. Grounds managers can feel confident using AirPAT as their natural grass maintenance tool to ensure optimal growth conditions in any climate.

sports Field Facility Owners

AirPAT saves sports facility owners time, space, and money. This modern rootzone warming and vacuum ventilation system takes up less space in the control room and requires only electricity to function, which keeps utility costs low. The capabilities AirPAT gives to grounds managers – the ability to control climate and grass growth in any condition –  allows sports facility owners more revenue options because it saves time between on-field recovery for different events.


1. Boost natural grass health & growth

AirPAT uses warming rootzone technology and vacuum ventilation to keep the grass thriving year-round, which provides professional grounds managers the data and resources they need to maintain their grass fields after any event or in any season. The ability to control temperature and moisture with a vacuum-ventilation system instead of a fan is a game changer in the growth and health of your grass field. This is one of the many ways the Motz AirPAT System is the most innovative moisture removal and subsurface aeration technology on the market.

2. Control unexpected weather conditions & Mother Nature

Gain the ability to control the time when unexpected weather occurs with AirPAT’s rootzone warming technology and vacuum ventilation system. The AirPAT System allows you to control the moisture and temperature of your natural grass athletic field to help you create a consistent playing surface in any season. Motz AirPAT technology is also designed for total customization. These customizations included vacuum drainage, forced air aeration, water conservation, and water recycling, rootzone warming, continuous rootzone monitoring, and automated and remote system operation. grounds managers do not have to stress when they have AirPAT in their natural grass toolkit because they have the technology to keep a stable surface and achieve a winning field for their players.

3. Gain more revenue opportunities at your facility

Being able to adjust the moisture and temperature of your natural grass athletic field improves recovery time between games, events, concerts, or other activities that can impact the field’s playability. This opens opportunities for extra practices, games, or events at your facility. Because AirPAT only needs electricity to operate, you can save money on your utility bills compared to other moisture removal and subsurface aeration technology systems that also need gas to function.


Let’s get to the root of your natural grass needs! At Motz, Amy Fouty is our natural grass expert and field consultant to provide the tools, resources, and knowledge you need to build performance and a consistent natural grass athletic field. Get your questions answered, and set up a time to chat today!

AirPat is leading the way in NATURAL grass management

Discover how the Jacksonville Jaguars Use The AirPAT System For Two NatuRAL Grass Fields

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