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Hathaway Brown is an all-girls K-12 independent day school in Shaker Heights, Ohio. The school has been a Motz synthetic turf field customer since 2015, during which time it has installed two different athletic fields on campus.

In 2015, Hathaway Brown installed its first artificial turf field, which served as the school’s main stadium field — primarily used for field hockey and lacrosse. After a very successful first field installation with The Motz Group, the school decided to partner with Motz to install another multipurpose sports field to meet the growing needs of its athletic teams while also maximizing its available space on campus.

Shaker Heights, OH



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With growing demand from athletic teams to have more field time, Hathaway Brown needed a second synthetic turf field that would be flexible and support its various athletic teams and their practice needs. However, the campus is landlocked, so the school needed a strategic design to incorporate multipurpose sports field elements into the new artificial turf sports field.

Because of its strong relationship with The Motz Group, Hathaway Brown looked to the company for its years of design and field installation expertise. The Motz Group took the school’s existing natural grass field and gave recommendations for a field design — based on the lay of the land — to strategically maximize the space for all athletic purposes. After conisderation, the recommendation from motz was to include a softball infield in into the multipurpose field, maximizing the usage and space of the the area.


In 2021, The Motz Group designed and installed a beautiful new synthetic turf field at Hathaway Brown — including a softball infield connected to the multipurpose soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse field.

The new field uses the Motz CrossFlex system with Envirofill performance infill similar to the school’s main stadium field. But the second field provides the school with the extra practice and game space it needs, as well as much more flexibility among its various sports.

Hathaway Brown trusted The Motz Group to design and build a field that would best support its needs. Over the years, the school developed a strong relationship with The Motz Group and knew the company would install a well-designed, high-performing synthetic turf field. The Motz Group’s proven responsiveness and dedication to customer service made them the optimal choice for the job.

We knew we needed another artificial turf field for all our athletes K-12. The Motz Group was our first choice as they had proven themselves designing, building, and caring for our first turf field. They are outstanding partners to work with throughout the installation of our fields and their ongoing care of our facilities. Athletic space on our Shaker Heights campus is hard to come by, and The Motz Group helped to design a second turf which is really a multipurpose field with a softball infield that maximized our ability to provide opportunities for interscholastic athletics as well as developmental athletics.

Fran Bisselle | Head of School


  • PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE & EXPERTISE The Motz Group showcased its years of industry expertise by developing a unique layout design that incorporated a softball infield along with other multipurpose sports field elements.Thanks to the innovative minds of The Motz Group team, Hathaway Brown now has an artificial sports turf field that will last for years, gives the school added flexibility, and caters to all its athletic team’s needs.
  • MOTZ365 RESPONSIVE SERVICE MODEL With multiple artificial turf fields, it was important for Hathaway Brown to have a field installation partner that could also provide lifelong state of the art service and maintenance. The school chose to use The Motz Group’s Motz365 maintenance plan because of The Motz Group team’s responsiveness and reliability.
  • RELIABLE & CONSISTENT SURFACE A high-performing artificial turf field system was a top priority for the Hathaway Brown because of its strong field hockey program. The school wanted a field and infill system that would elevate field hockey play and benefit its other athletic programs too. Hathaway Brown’s artificial turf fields with Envirofill do this.Hathaway Brown’s main stadium field installed in 2015, was installed with Envirofill as a part of its synthetic turf system. And because of the school’s successful experience with the system, they knew they wanted their new artificial turf field to also have Envriofill. Envirofill creates a firm and consistent surface that mimics the ball roll of natural grass and allows Hathaway Browns’ atheltes to slow or speed up the game. Envirofill also comes backed with an industry leading 16 year warranty, giving Hathaway Brown confidence Envirofill is well worth the investment.

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