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Project Overview

The Bengals are a professional football team, based in The Motz Group’s hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, with a history dating back to 1967. Over the past five decades, since its inception, the franchise has gone on to win two AFC championships and made an appearance at two Super Bowl championships — creating national buzz for the team. In 2018, Paycor Stadium, home base of the franchise, took on a field replacement project after realizing the field was getting worn down and in need of an upgrade. The Bengals selected The Motz Group, along with Shaw Sports Turf, to deliver a premium synthetic turf system that would be ideal for its high caliber athletes. The Motz Group and Shaw Sports comprise teams that are globally recognized for quality products, industry expertise, and exceptional customer service — all contributing to the Bengals’ decision to partner with the two companies.

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The Situation

After years of heavy use, the stadium field was becoming worn out, and the Bengals knew it was time for a field replacement. They needed to keep athletes safe first and foremost, but as an NFL team with a national audience, it was also important that the field looked the part. As an industry rule of thumb, most NFL synthetic turf fields need to be replaced roughly every five to six years to maintain safety and performance qualities. Part of the reason why is that NFL artificial turf fields see heavy wear and tear over the course of their lives. Football teams are large, require a lot of equipment, and have grueling, long schedules — all contributing to a field’s need for replacement. Such was the case for the synthetic turf field at Paycor Stadium. When it came time to choose an installation partner, The Motz Group stood out for multiple reasons: it had a strong relationship with the Bengal’s groundskeeper, a glowing reputation as a Cincinnati favorite, and the company boasts 40+ years of industry expertise. After weighing the pros and cons of various companies across the industry, the Bengals knew Motz was the right choice for the job.

The Play

To keep athletes safe and performance quality high, the Bengals wanted a new synthetic turf field installed at their stadium. The Motz Group worked closely with Shaw Sports Turf and Sportworks Design to deliver a pristine and innovative synthetic turf field. The Motz Group and Sportwork Design collaborated and used a 3D laser scanning technique to determine the existing deficiencies in the existing stone base and to calculate the amount of stone needed for remediation of the field. The 3D laser scans were able to collect 2.1 billion points of data which were then translated into a precise map, showing all of the dips and undulations of the field. This allowed The Motz Group to install a synthetic turf field with a smooth, sturdy base for the Bengal’s athletes. The attention to detail and precise analysis gave the Bengals confidence that they were in good hands and that they would have a high quality turf field after replacement.

We looked across the industry and were happy to find the best company to install the Bengals’ new field right here in our own backyard. The Motz Group is a proven synthetic turf provider and we’re grateful to have been able to work with them on this project.

Bob Bedinghaus | Director of Business Development

The Win


The Motz Group aims to provide the best customer service possible for all of its clients. That means being available for questions, addressing any issues that may arise, and being responsive with maintenance needs. Since the installation of the new synthetic turf field, The Motz Group has been available and prompt for any of the Bengals’ field needs.


The Motz Group is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services, whether it’s a field installation, ongoing maintenance offerings, or customer service. The Motz Group made sure the Bengals had a high performing field and collaborated with Sportworks Design to run innovative 3D scans on the field to make sure the base was in tip top condition before laying down any new synthetic turf. The new synthetic turf field at Paul Brown Stadium gives the athletes a fresh, high-performing surface to play on that keeps them running ahead of the competition.


With over 40 years of industry experience, along with a skilled team, The Motz Group brought professionalism, and its field expertise to the project. Because of the company’s attention to detail and area reputation, the Bengals franchise knew they could trust Motz to deliver a high quality synthetic turf field.

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