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Spalding University Athletic Complex

Louisville, KY
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Spalding University, a private Division 3 university in Louisville, Kentucky, spent years without an athletic complex of its own. With no home-field advantage, the Spalding collegiate athletes were practicing on high school fields around the city. To further the future success of its athletic programs and give more resources to their athletes and the greater Louisville community, the school transformed an abandoned 7.5 acre lot into a beautiful new athletic complex they could call home. A massive project of this size meant the school needed to find a trusted and expert partner who provided a turnkey design-build solution. After hearing about The Motz Group’s reputation from local schools and colleges, Spalding University knew Motz was the right choice to deliver quality work with the highest commitment to customer service.

We are very appreciative of The Motz Group's hard work and collaboration with us on this project. The athletic fields will support the continued development and growth of Spalding University's intercollegiate athletic program and our student-athletes

J. Rush Sherman, Chief Financial Officer, Spalding University


Without field resources of its own, Spalding University had to rent or lease fields — a hefty expense for the university. The university wanted to invest in their athletes and the community by moving away from relying on other facilities for practices and games by constructing their own multi-purpose synthetic turf athletic field complex. The university operates on a pay-as-you-go tuition basis. Its students fund the education programs, and no tuition money is used to pay for new field development. In fact, the complex was donated entirely after six years of fundraising efforts— unique for a university — and made it especially important for their field design and installation partners to provide high-quality work that would stay within budget.



Spalding University’s athletic facility brought new life and energy to the school but also to the Greater Lousiville community. The new complex — featuring two multipurpose artificial turf fields and one synthetic turf softball field — gave the school a hometeam advantage and beautified a previously abandoned section of downtown Louisville. The university hired The Motz Group for its long-standing reputation and sports field construction expertise to complete the installation. Motz started the project by talking with Spalding University to understand its needs and goals for the complex fully. Motz then worked closely with the university to construct a custom system that would support its various athletic programs, aligning with the university’s vision. From start to finish, Motz was truly a partner to work with Spalding University to bring their athletic complex dreams to light. Motz’s dedication to building strong customer relationships for the life of the field, attention to detail, and turnkey design build showed its well-rounded industry expertise. Now, with Spalding’s beautiful new artificial turf fields, the athletes and community can enjoy their own athletic campus to practice, host home games, and rent to local programs in need of field space.  Hear what some of the athletes have to say about the field here.


    Spalding’s dedication to their student-athletes and community sets them apart from other universities. After years of fundraising to build an athletic complex of their own, keeping tuition dollars focused on education, they needed a sports field general contactor with the same dedication to growing athletic opportunity and the community! Motz, known as Louisville’s primary field builder, brought meticulous attention to detail and 40+ years of unrivaled customer service.
    The Motz Group’s trustworthy, widespread reputation caught the attention of Spalding University as it was on the search for a general contractor who could bring their field complex to life. Motz quickly proved to be an asset and long-term partner dedicated to installation, maintenance, and customer service.
    Motz went above and beyond to ensure the new artificial turf athletic complex build went as smoothly as possible. Motz worked closely with Spalding University every step of the way to ensure their needs were met, and concerns eased. By choosing Motz, they now have a local partner with an industry-leading emergency rapid response time of 6.7 hours to get their fields game-ready. Spalding University can focus on their athletes and trust that Motz365 will continually deliver quality maintenance service.

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