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Project Overview

Saint Xavier High School is a private, college-preparatory high school for boys in the greater Cincinnati area known for its high standards in academics and athletics.  The Motz Group has been a partner in the previous construction of St. Xavier’s Ballaban Stadium field which was installed in 2003 and then replaced in 2013. St. Xavier was confident that their field would continue to be as high-performing as a professional-grade field due to Motz’s background in building collegiate and professional fields, honorable reputation in the industry, and their past experience working with Motz.

The synthetic turf field had reached the end of its life and it was time for some updates to their main stadium sports field. The shock attenuation pad underneath the turf was from the original installation in 2003, was reused for the 2012 replacement, and it was now time to use a newer model.

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Removal / Replacement

The Situation

St. Xavier High School wanted to make sure they made the best decisions in every aspect of the construction of its field; from the products used to the builders who would install its synthetic turf field. Sustainability and performance are part of the decision-making process at St. Xavier in order to build a championship surface for its athletes.

St. Xavier High School chose Motz’s Envirofill product for its artificial turf infill in 2013. Armed with a high-performance, durable acrylic coating infused with Microban technology and a 16-year warranty, Envirofill will be reclaimed and reinstalled into the new turf system.

The school’s commitment to providing the best facilities for its student-athletes is why teaming up with Motz to construct its main sports field stadium was a no-brainer. Motz has built multiple NFL fields throughout its 45 years as a synthetic and natural grass field construction business. 

Motz products and experts helped provide the safety, durability, and longevity St. Xavier High School was looking for in its main sports turf field. They chose to continue partnering with Motz because they knew they had one-of-a-kind products and had the experience of building NFL fields, which meant their student-athletes would be getting consistent, safe, and high-performing fields that are similar to an NFL field. 

The Play

The process for this project was boiled down to 3 categories:  removal, remediation, and replacement.  To start, the Motz team first had to remove the turf and infill. Motz used specialty equipment designed for efficient turf removal called The Viper, Winder, and Rattlesnake. 

The Viper is used to cut the turf into smaller sections, the Rattlesnake is used to remove and in this case, reclaim infill. The Winder is used to roll up the empty turf for efficient removal. The Rattlesnake allowed for the reclamation and reuse of over 75% of the originally used Envirofill on this project. 

Once the turf and infill were removed, the Motz team conducted an industry-standard drainage test to determine if any remediation to the base and drainage would be needed.  The results showed the base was in good shape and the replacement process began. The process to replace the turf began with a new pad, reuse of the Envirofill topped off with new Envirofill, and new turf. Additional changes to the field aesthetics included white end zones, the addition of St. Xavier’s AMDG motto, and the iconic St. Xavier “X” at midfield in blue. 

We chose Motz as they have been a consistent and reliable partner for our fields over the years. They continue to innovate and strive to get better which is what we also do as a school and Athletic Department. Our mission lines up with Motz’s mission as we both strive to provide the safest and best for our entire community. St. Xavier and Motz are all about trust, values, and being true team players in all we do.

Brian Reinhart | Athletic Director

The Win

Sustainability-Focused & Cost-Efficient Infill

St. Xavier reused its infill product by Motz in this new turf field construction. Envirofill is not only cost-effective, but it also is low maintenance, carries a 16-year warranty, and is green-coated sand with Microban® antimicrobial protection infused into Envirofill during the manufacturing process. Microban®  helps prevent the growth of bacteria and microbes that can cause stains, odors, and product deterioration. Envirofill’s highly-rounded quartz core resists compaction providing a fast, firm, and safe artificial grass field.  

Continued partnership with one of Cincinnati’s finest institutions

High-quality service and products are important to Motz and St. Xavier High School. These common values in creating a high-performance sports field are one of the many reasons St. Xavier continues to choose to partner with Motz.  Working with a company that has the same values creates a sense of respect and security in knowing the job will be done well, which is why St. Xavier returns to the Motz team as their trusted experts for its turf field. The expertise and experience of the Motz team are reflected in the high-profile field projects the Motz team has built throughout the years. The school members chose to continue partnering with Motz because they knew they had one-of-a-kind products and had the experience of building NFL fields, which meant their student-athletes would be getting consistent, safe, and high-performing fields that are similar to an NFL field.

Field Service To Stay Game Ready

Motz365 program provided the maintenance for St. Xavier’s turf field to keep its main stadium field safe, consistent, and high-performing throughout the years. Field service to stay game-ready is important to the longevity, safety, and performance of your field. Motz365 Condition is a game-changer in the protection of St. Xavier’s multi-sports field. Motz365 Condition is an annual 5-step program engineered to functionally, hygienically, and aesthetically improve the surface of an artificial turf sports field, maximize its lifespan, and address hazards to ensure the continued safety of the field for playability. 

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