Montgomery College

Project Overview

Montgomery College is a premier community college in Rockville, Maryland, with a competitive athletic program. With heavy usage, the school found that their natural grass field was becoming worn down and consistently unreliable. The college transformed their natural grass field into an award-winning, artificial turf field with higher safety and durability.

Sport Type


Infill Type




1.5" Dual Fiber with Thatch

17mm shock pad

The Challenge

Montgomery College — widely known for their championship soccer program — needed a field that would stand up to their level of competition. Their original natural grass field required heavy maintenance and often became unplayable from weather elements. They frequently had to rent out other fields for their athletes, leaving them with an extra expense and no hometeam advantage.

The Solution

The college needed a championship-level field that offered both a high-quality look and feel. The new artificial turf field is pristine, reflected by its ASBA 2020 Distinguished Single Field Facility Award win. Montgomery College’s synthetic turf field with Envirofill supports players with a safe, reliable surface day in and day out. Additionally, it requires little maintenance, saving the school time and manpower.

With our athletes' safety and community concerns top of mind, we conducted extensive research into the various types of infill. After careful consideration of alternative infill options, we chose Envirofill because it's non-toxic, sustainable, and high quality for our athletes.

Yuling Mei | Senior Architect
Montgomery College

The Result

Safety First

Envirofill creates the ideal safe, smooth surface for athletes every time they step onto the field. With Microban® antimicrobial protection, it helps fight bacteria growth, stains, and odors to keep players and parents happy.

Low-Maintenance and Durable

Montgomery College’s athletes needed a field that would remain immaculate and competitive all year. Envirofill’s coating infused with Microban keeps it from deteriorating and washing away even in the harshest weather conditions. It requires minimal upkeep — zero watering and no-frequent top-off — regardless of the amount of practices or games.

High-Quality Performance and Aesthetics

Montgomery College wanted a high-quality field that looked championship ready. With artificial turf and Envirofill, they now have a beautiful, high performing soccer field to blow their rivals away.

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