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5 Everyday Products That Are Made With Walnut Shells

One of the artificial turf infill options that we offer at Motz is Safeshell, which refers to non-allergenic walnut shells. As you might imagine, some customers are apprehensive when they hear the word “nut” because so many people in our culture are allergic to items in this food group. There are three reasons why you shouldn’t fear our Safeshell infill.

  1. Meat Vs. Shell – If somebody is allergic to walnuts, that risk comes from the meat of the nut. The shell is not allergenic, making the only concern trace elements that stick to it.
  2. Chemical-Free Processing – We go one step further and remove those trace particles, making our product even safer.
  3. Widespread Use – Numerous other products use walnut shells, even ones that you might handle on a day to day basis.

In this article, we’d like to go over some of those everyday products that incorporate walnut shells. You can find them in the sections below.

Exfoliating Cosmetics 

Right now, exfoliation is all the rage in the cosmetics industry. What researchers have found is that adding solid compounds to cleansing products helps remove dead cells, promotes healthier skin, and makes you look younger. That friction has to come from somewhere, though.

The first object that manufacturers used for this purpose were tiny plastic spheres. Fortunately, the scientific community realized that these objects were harmful to our oceans, and cosmetics companies started to research alternate strategies. One of the best solutions they came across was walnut shells, which are used in St. Ives Apricot Scrub and a variety of other skin care products.

Stuffed Animals

Another use of walnut shells is as filler in certain soft products. One of the most common examples is stuffed animals. While manufacturers use a variety of materials in these situations, walnut shells are a popular option. You can also find them in larger products like bean bags and furniture.

Snow Tires

This is one of the more unexpected applications of walnut shells, but it is becoming increasingly prevalent. Manufacturers that make snow tires are constantly looking for ways to increase the grip of their products. They do so with many conventional methods, but some companies are thinking outside the box.

Many snow tires are now made with crushed walnut shells mixed into the rubber. The idea is that they increase tread and even help in cracking the snow beneath your vehicle. While widespread adoption is still some years away, numerous companies are experimenting with this exciting application.

Your Water

On the industrial side of things, water filtration facilities frequently use walnut shells to keep our water clean. The reason why they do so is the fact that crude oil occasionally mixes with water. Luckily, walnut shell powder is incredibly effective in removing this toxic compound. The process is actually very simple, as the shells naturally soak oil up. All these facilities have to do is run the dirty water through filters made from walnut shells, and it comes out the other side significantly cleaner. Once that powder becomes filled with oil, the operators wash the filters, and the process begins again.

Artificial Turf

When you install artificial turf, you can’t just lay it down on the ground and forget about it. Instead, numerous steps go into making sure your turf functions correctly and lasts for many years. Part of that process is adding infill. At Motz, we have found that our non-allergenic Safeshell infill is an excellent option for this application because it is low maintenance, durable, and safe.

We hope it is clear to you now that manufacturers in numerous industries are using walnut shells to innovate and improve their product offerings. The truth is that you probably come into contact with these shells more often than you think, as evidenced by the many items on this list. The conclusion you may come to is that there is no reason to fear walnut shells, whether they’re in your cosmetics, teddy bear, or Motz artificial turf infill. The latter is one that we can recommend wholeheartedly. It is safe, organic, low maintenance, durable, and could be the perfect infill for your turfing needs.


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