Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5

Project Overview

Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5 is one of NYC’s most unique fields, set on a pier system overlooking the East River. The field endures continual wear and tear from constant play and harsh weather conditions.

In 2013, Brooklyn Bridge Park installed its original artificial turf system, using a lightweight organic infill. Even with proactive maintenance, the organic infill had to be fully replaced twice in the first three years of use after failing to hold up during heavy storms.

Safeshell came to the rescue in 2016 and extended the life of the fields by three and a half years.

Over time, as priorities changed and the fields neared replacement, Brooklyn Bridge Parks and Recreation refreshed Pier 5’s athletic fields by installing new turf and Envirofill infill.

Sport Type


Infill Type



2017 & 2020

1.75” Dual Fiber No Thatch

25mm Shock Pad

The Challenge

Brooklyn Bridge Park faced many difficulties from its original turf and infill system. During storms and strong winds, the field’s original, organic infill tended to migrate out of the turf, leaving the turf backing exposed to athlete’s cleats as they played. This wreaked havoc on the turf’s seams and caused the turf backing to constantly rip because of a lack of protection from an existing infill layer.

When looking for a new infill in 2016, Brooklyn Bridge Park owners decided the field needed a new organic infill option that was environmentally-friendly and could also withstand the elements. The park decided on Safeshell for its organic material and durability to extend the current turf field’s life.

The Solution

Safeshell eliminated many of the park’s long-standing issues. It gave the field a longer lifespan and upheld the park owner’s wishes to use a natural product.

After an additional few years of heavy usage, it came time to revamp the field with a complete turf replacement. For the renovation, Brooklyn Bridge Park built an entirely new artificial turf and infill system to meet their needs. Their priority was to install a dense infill that would protect the athletes as well as protect the turf itself from constant use.

Brooklyn Bridge Park owner’s reached out to their neighboring friends, at NYC Parks and Recreation, for advice on an infill. They recommended Envirofill, based on their experience using the product in over 25 fields of their own.

After conversations and careful consideration, Brooklyn Bridge Park decided on Envirofill as the best artificial turf infill product for their field because of its durability, industry-leading warranty, low maintenance qualities, and high performance feel under athletes’ feet.

The team was excellent to work with. They took the time to understand the unique needs of our project, provided a thorough analysis of the infill options including an on-field mock-up of solutions.

Jeff Sandgrund | Director of Operations
Brooklyn Bridge Park

The Result

Made to Last

Envirofill is designed to last through daily use and unpredictable weather elements. It can be used for multiple turf lifecycles and comes backed by a 16-year warranty.

Top Quality

Brooklyn Bridge Park wanted a product that lived up to their standard of excellence. Envirofill provides a fast, firm, safe surface and consistent field that won’t compact over time.

Durable to the Core

Brooklyn Bridge Park knew it needed an infill that would perform day after day. Envirofill is heavy, causing minimal flyout to occur even in harsh weather conditions. Each infill piece is fully encapsulated in a coating and infused with Microban® product protection. The coating and Microban work together to keep the coating from breaking down or washing away.

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