Safeshell Sustainable Synthetic Turf Infill Installed in California School District

Project Overview

California is home to one of the largest school districts in the country, serving over 6,000 students. They closely follow California’s OEHHA environmental standards and have one of the most scrutinizing evaluation processes for products used within the district.

Roughly ten years ago, Envirofill was one of the first artificial turf infill alternatives to get approved by the district. Soon after, our Safeshell product, a 100% natural artificial turf infill, became approved.

Within this California district, there are two high school synthetic turf fields which were installed with Safeshell after the district found a winning solution to its artificial turf field’s challenges and rigorous health standards.

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The Situation

Over the years, the California school district has faced many challenges trying to find an infill that was clean, safe and could hold up to the climate while supporting year round use and athletic performance. After years of wear and tear, the school district realized that the infill installed at its two high schools was not performing as expected and it was time to find a different option.

The district needed an artificial turf infill that could combat surface heat from summer temperatures, be low maintenance, and comply with its human health and safety regulations. Safeshell was chosen due to its track record as a safe, predictable, and consistent infill.

The Play

The California school district wanted to approve Prop65 exempt materials for their sports field specifications, and Safeshell was the perfect fit as it delivers on healthy material selection as a 100% natural, bio-based infill material. As an added plus, Safeshell also has roots in California since 50% of the product is sourced from walnut shells grown in the state.

Motz worked closely with the installation and design teams to ensure proper infill ratios met with the district’s specification. Motz’ team was prompt and organized, conducting calls with the design and installation teams ahead of construction to help ensure they had the right ratios for the infilling process and the proper installation equipment. During the infill installation process, Motz conducted several calls to reconfirm fill rates to ensure the field would meet all specification requirements.

Now, the school district has a winning infill solution for its artificial turf fields at both high schools that meet its rigorous standards, performs well, and supports the health and safety of anyone that steps foot on the turf surface. Since the fields have been in use, everyone has been very happy with the choice to install Safeshell.

The Win

  • Quality Product: The California school district not only needed an artificial turf infill product that would be safe and healthy for its student athletes to play on, but they also needed an infill that would support the well-being of the environment too. Safeshell was the advantageous choice since it’s an artificial turf infill product that checks both boxes.Unlike other organic infills, Safeshell stays in place, doesn’t break down, and doesn’t change in hot or wet weather which was a perfect solution for the district and climate in California.Made from organic, food-grade components, Safeshell contains 100% USDA certified biobased content, meeting the high standards set forth by the USDA Secretary of Agriculture.
  • Collaborative Approach: The Motz team worked closely with the California school district to work through specification modifications to ensure that the Safeshell installation process was successful.
    Motz collaborated and coordinated timely delivery of Safeshell infill to the project site, ensuring on-time completion for the school district’s athletes’ new season.
  • Trusted Partner: For 10 years, Motz has nurtured and built a trusted relationship with the California school district. From first installing Envirofill to working closely with the district on its latest Safeshell installation projects, the district knew they could trust and count on Motz for a successful and well-executed job.

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