Mount Pleasant Central School District

Project Overview

In Thornwood, NY, just a mere 30 miles from New York City, is Mount Pleasant Central School District. The district is made up of four schools and serves 1,899 students. 

Two schools within the district, Westlake High School and Westlake Middle School, utilize two athletic fields on their shared campus. After years of heavy use, the fields not only started showing signs of wear and tear, but they began to look outdated as well. It became increasingly apparent that a refresh was needed in order to provide a safe, reliable surface for student athletes.

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The Situation

In order to maintain the safety and performance of the athletic fields, the district decided it was time to update and renovate its sports complex. A few of the needs that had to be addressed were surface heat reduction, a solution to prevent bacteria, mold, and mildew growth, reduced field maintenance hours, and improved playability during inclement weather.

The Play

The district selected LAN Associates to be the designer on the job and their interest in the health and safety benefits of Envirofill by Motz led them to choose the company as its official artificial turf infill provider. 

Envirofill requires zero watering and no frequent top-off, making it the ideal choice for a low maintenance option, which is exactly what the district was looking for. With its superior durability, Envirofill can be used for multiple turf life cycles with no hindrance to performance.

It’s also a safe infill option for students and athletes alike. Microban® heavy metal-free antimicrobial product protection is infused into the coating of the artificial turf infill during the manufacturing process to help prevent the growth of bacteria and microbes that can cause stains, odors, and product deterioration. 

Lastly, Envirofill provides a fast and safe surface that doesn’t compact with usage. All of these benefits made it the perfect choice for Mount Pleasant Central School District and the right solution to combat performance and safety challenges. 

Thanks to funding from a 9.8 million bond referendum, the project took off and included modernizing the existing athletic complex, removing existing grass and replacing it with new artificial turf, and installing Envirofill artificial turf infill for the football and multi-purpose fields on campus. 

Now, the district has two new synthetic turf fields, outfitted with Envirofill artificial turf infill. This strategic choice gives the district the peace of mind that its students will be safe, healthy, and able to play on the sports fields during any season, regardless of weather.

The Win

Timely & trustworthy

Motz prides itself on being a trusted partner and this project is a perfect example. Motz successfully provided on-time delivery of nearly one million pounds of Envirofill, which was seamlessly installed without any hiccups. 

Quality product

With hundreds of synthetic turf sports fields nationwide choosing Envirofill, it’s the most trusted and longest-lasting non-rubber turf infill on the market. It was the perfect selection for Mount Pleasant Central School District since maintenance, long-term performance, safety and durability were key decision-making factors.

Open communication

Motz worked closely with the installer who was in charge of the field construction process for both fields. Motz’s team helped mitigate material delays and collaborated with the installer on timelines, while offering transparent and open communication throughout the process.

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