Urban Soccer Park’s Five-A-Side Fields at Perry YMCA

Project Overview

Motz provided its organic turf infill, Safeshell, for two of Urban Soccer Park’s 5-a-side soccer fields for Perry Family YMCA in League City, Texas, which is within the greater Houston area.

Urban Soccer Park is the leading provider of world-class five-a-side soccer fields, helping transform underutilized areas in communities across the nation through small-sided games. By designing, manufacturing, and installing these mini-pitches, Urban Soccer Park creates a fun and engaging space for people of all backgrounds to come together and play the world’s most popular sport.

Urban Soccer Park supplied the Perry Family YMCA with two five-a-side soccer fields to help engage their community, enhance their youth sports programs, and increase memberships. At the time, Urban Soccer Park was using a mixture of infills from three different vendors. This led Urban Soccer Park on a hunt for a simple infill installation and sourcing process.

Urban Soccer Park was specifically looking for a new organic infill for this project, especially one that could handle and help reduce the Texas heat. Urban Soccer Park chose Safeshell infill. Safeshell is a 100% natural, hypoallergenic infill made from US-sourced Black and English walnut shells with natural cooling technology to keep artificial turf cooler even on hot, dry days. Safeshell had all the characteristics Urban Soccer Park was looking for in one infill.

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The Situation

Urban Soccer Park was interested in finding a new organic infill solution and a simpler infill sourcing and installation process. Urban Soccer Park did their due diligence to find the right infill vendor for their five-a-side soccer fields.

Urban Soccer Park was excited to find Safeshell because it is 100% organic and biodegradable. What makes Safeshell different from other turf infill options in the market is its combination of low-maintenance and high durability for an intensely used playing surface. Safeshell not only provides a safe and high-performance playing surface but also has the best organic infill warranty. Safeshell is guaranteed for 8 years, which meant the Perry Family YMCA (League City Texas) five-a-side fields would be long-lasting.

We chose 100% organic Safeshell for our 5-a-side soccer fields because it is a natural high-performance, low-maintenance infill that is organic, safe, and durable. Safeshell provided us with a high-performance field surface that would stay consistent and endure various types of weather and not impact the playability. Motz also provided us with expertise, support throughout the process, and high-quality customer service.”

Michael Scotto D'Abbusco | Sales and Marketing Manager

The Result

High Performing and Innovative Technology

Motz provided Urban Soccer Park’s Perry Family YMCA (League City, Texas) five-a-soccer fields with a hypoallergenic infill, Safeshell, a 100% natural artificial turf infill made and sourced from walnut shells grown in the United States. This artificial turf infill is a natural high-performance, low-maintenance infill that is organic, low odor, safe, and durable. The quality service and high level of support were one of the many reasons Urban Soccer Park chose Safeshell as their turf infill.

Game Ready Anytime

Motz was able to provide Urban Soccer Park with the infill it needed to complete the playing surface system for Perry Family YMCA (League City, Texas).

Safeshell has been used in fields across the country due to its low maintenance properties, which are consistently lower than other organic infill options. Safeshell’s unique organic properties provide consistent performance whether the surface is wet or dry, ensuring high-performance year-round. Safeshell, made from Black and English walnut shells, go through a chemical-free process to remove allergens. Safeshell’s bulk density is over twice that of other organic infills, leading to less migration and a simplified maintenance program. The result is low-maintenance turf fields with more time for athletes and coaches to train and play on the fields. With Motz’s cutting-edge Safeshell turf infill, Urban Soccer Park and Perry Family YMCA are able to impact the lives of children and families through fun activities with two five-a-side soccer fields. Motz is proud to be able to contribute to moving people to better lives through its turf infill products and partnerships with organizations like Urban Soccer Park.

Trusted and Reliable Experts

The product and the service provided by Motz are the reason Urban Soccer chose Safeshell. Motz provides high-quality and innovative products and a team of experts who are attentive to detail and have remarkable customer service. Safeshell supplied Urban Soccer Park’s five-a-side soccer fields at Perry Family YMCA (League City, Texas) with the tools needed to meet deadlines and handle any obstacles inherent with construction projects.

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Motz offers two innovative turf infills that champion durability and performance while being low maintenance, safe and earth-friendly. Work with your contractor or field designer to request a sample or place an order. Contact us for any questions you may have about the ordering process.

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