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What Are the Different Types of Hybrid Turf?

In the high performance natural grass world, the term “hybrid turf” is relatively new. You may have also heard it referred to as “reinforced turf” or “stabilized turf” before. Broadly, hybrid refers to a system that is a combination of natural grass and synthetic turf elements.

There are three general categories of hybrid grass:

  1. Reinforced
  2. Stabilized
  3. Hybrid


Reinforced turf systems are those that have synthetic fibers mixed with the rootzone material. The fibers help to stabilize the soil and secure the grass roots in the growing medium.


Stabilized turf is a mat system that is composed of a synthetic turf that is infilled with growing medium to the tops of the upright fibers. The plant’s crown is protected within the mat, where the roots entwine around the fibers, and pass through the open backing.


Hybrid turf has upright synthetic turf fibers, that extend above the growing medium and reside within the natural grass canopy. The systems come in either permanent or mat versions. In permanent systems, the fibers are injected into the soil with a small amount of fiber sticking up above the soil line. They are considered permanent because the surface cannot be rotated or replaced during the season. Hybrid turf mat systems lend themselves to in-season rotation/replacement because the mat can be removed and a new hybrid turf roll installed. The product’s weight and thickness makes it immediately playable.

Our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding high performance natural grass solutions, including hybrid turf. Feel free to give us a call at 877-789-9594 or check out our in-house proprietary product, Eclipse Stabilized Turf.

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