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Get Your GAME ON With an Innovative Synthetic Turf System

From wearing team jerseys and being a part of the cheers and chants to feeling the agonizing drama of a close game, there’s nothing that matches the spirit of a sports stadium. 

As all this goes on, the field lies quietly beneath the action, telling its own story. More than just the supportive surface beneath the players’ feet, it is also a branding canvas adding to the fanfare. Logos, slogans, and other messages splay across it, instilling a sense of pride and camaraderie and revving up the action.

Synthetic Turf Field Branding – The Traditional Way

Bright team colors and intricate logos look amazing and wow fans, but the reality is that in most cases, achieving a high-quality graphic design on a synthetic turf field, especially with multiple colors, takes precision technology and attention to detail.

Mariemont - Zero Waste - Letter Install

The traditional way of adding images or linework beyond yard lines is to cut the turf and put down a new piece of turf within the body panel, creating seams along the lines they’re cut. Alternatively, details like numbers and hash marks are cut and then glued or sewn into the field. These pieces, known as inlays, typically use adhesive material to hold seams in place, and will require periodic maintenance.

After decades of following this method, there’s finally a more efficient, innovative,  and sustainable way to do it.

Brought exclusively to the industry by our world class manufacturing partner, Shaw Sports Turf, and delivered by our team of experts, the GAME ON synthetic turf system is a breakthrough new technology revolutionizing turf design. It was created after years of extensive research and development focused on fundamentally changing the way fields are manufactured, installed, and designed.

Unlike the usual turf-cutting method, everything from the fields of play to end zones and D-zones, logos, lines, and numbers, are tufted together in a single run in the manufacturing process.

Why Choose GAME ON?

Being able to tuft the design during the manufacturing process is a technology that took years to develop. It allows for a unique, customizable field design while providing the benefits of fewer seams, fewer inlays, reduced waste, and more efficient installation.

Enhanced design capabilities

Traditional field customization methods leave less opportunity to experiment. But with GAME ON, schools and facility owners can express their brand with dramatic designs from watermarks to borders, to mow patterns, and beyond to wow their fanbase and inspire team spirit.

Take a look at the breathtaking design we created for Warren Local High School in Vincent, Ohio. The symbol of a warrior on a pegasus is shaded in the backdrop of the logo. This is hard – and expensive (if not impossible)  – to achieve with a traditional turf system.

Take a closer look in this video:

Low maintenance

The traditional methods of inlaying designs onto sports field turf create seams in the field. More seams translate more frequent maintenance requirements, translating to higher costs over the field’s lifetime. In one example of a traditional football field, there are approximately 12,000 linear feet (2.29 miles) of seams.

That same field, outfitted with a GAME ON system, would have approximately 5,600 linear feet (1.06 miles) of seams. That’s a 56% reduction! Although our artificial sports turf services, like Motz365 maintenance services, are always available round the clock, with GAME ON, we estimate that athletic directors can reduce seam maintenance by ~50%.

Motz Game On Seaming Diagram for Website

Resource efficiency

At Motz, we are as committed to creating the best athletic fields in the market while being responsible to the environment, and we’re always looking for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle the resources we use. Using the GAME ON turf system requires less seam tape and glue. Furthermore, with the elimination of redundant turf, the amount of turf waste generated is significantly reduced. 

It’s not just resources that are conserved – it’s also time. Because of our operational efficiency, GAME ON makes life much easier for field managers and athletic directors. If your schedule has back-to-back away games, GAME ON can quickly and reliably be installed in as little as just three weeks.

A Lot to Love about GAME ON

Sports facility owners have a lot to gain from GAME ON. Apart from the endless design capabilities it offers, it also provides a stellar turf surface. The reduced seams come with a whole host of maintenance and safety benefits, creating a dream field any athlete would want to play on. 

Want to learn more about how GAME ON can benefit your artificial turf field? Book a call with a member of our team today!

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