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Warren Local School District, a 190 square mile district located in southeast Ohio, serves roughly 2,100 students ranging from elementary school age children up to high school level teenagers. In 2021, Warren Local School District began building upgrades and renovations across the district, with many large renovation projects happening at Warren High School in particular. As with most school districts, it’s typical that the high schools create the most buzz — from competitive varsity sports and dedicated fans throughout the community — so the district wanted to make sure its athletic facilities were up to par. The district decided to embark on a large renovation project at Warren High School that would give them a completely new stadium — outfitted with a new synthetic turf field, bleachers, upgraded track, and more — positively impacting students, parents, and the surrounding community. Because of the large scope and intensity of the renovations, the district chose The Motz Group to manage the project due to the company’s years of experience and trusted reputation in the area.

If I wouldn’t have partnered with The Motz Group to manage this entire project and all of the moving parts to it, my job would’ve been harder.

Kyle Newton, Superintendent

The Situation

Warren Local School District’s goal with the project was to create a full sports complex that would accommodate all sports programs and participants, but more importantly, be a place that the whole community could be proud of. During the beginning of the renovation process, one of the issues the school ran into was space. The high school’s available area for renovation was tight with the campus’ existing sports facilities, meaning the project had to be planned out strategically. The spacing made it particularly tricky to renovate the school’s running track, which needed to be expanded from six lanes to eight. To resolve the campus’ spacing constraints and manage the large-scale project, Warren Local knew they needed a trusted partner, with industry experience, to deliver a quality final product. The district reached out to other educators in the area — who went through a similar process — to get their feedback and referral on how to approach the project and advice on who to partner with. Within those discussions, The Motz Group’s name and positive reputation continually surfaced — ultimately making the company the prime choice for the project. And because of Motz’ years of industry experience and project management expertise, the school hired The Motz Group as the sole contractor for the stadium renovation.

The Play

aerial view of warren stadium before

As Warren Local School District started evaluating the logistics of the renovation process, they contacted Motz early on to see how they could partner together. The Motz Group came back with design ideas, and other partners to involve, to make sure the project went as smoothly as possible. All along, The Motz Group focused on building trust and forming a lasting relationship with Warren High School, and the district, to ensure a quality product and the very best customer service. The full project encompassed a large scope of renovations that the Motz Group managed from start to finish.

The renovated stadium, at completion, included a synthetic turf field, uprights and soccer goals, track surfacing, visitor bleachers, stadium lighting, a field event area for discus and shot put, relocated scoreboard, play clocks, security fencing around the stadium perimeter, and a new access road to the field event area. One of the toughest parts of the project was expanding the track. The Motz Group used its civil engineering and industry expertise to cut and move the hillside next to the stadium by more than 50 feet to expand the school’s existing track. The finished product gave the school a newly resurfaced track that provided more racing lanes for athletes, along with a new synthetic turf spectator viewing area on the hillside, outfitted with Envirofill to give fans a clean, lasting surface to watch from. Now, thanks to the expertise of The Motz Group, the school has a beautifully renovated stadium to support its student athletes and offers a place that the whole community can enjoy.

The Win


The Motz Group stood out among other companies because it had the experience and resources the district needed to be able to successfully complete the renovation project. As a result, The Motz Group utilized its established relationships with contractors and companies in the area to bring the best talent to the job. The Motz Group served as a “one-stop-shop” for the district, which eliminated the need to coordinate duties between multiple companies. Motz’s managerial role as the sole contractor for the project gave the district the ease, confidence, and peace of mind they were looking for.


The stadium’s new synthetic turf field gives the athletes added flexibility and offers optimal performance factors. Now, the field can be used rain or shine without ending up being a muddy mess for practice or games. The synthetic turf field and resurfaced, expanded track both offer a safe, reliable, fast surface for all athletes to compete on, and its pristine aesthetics make it the perfect place for band competitions and regional track and football competitions.


The new stadium is more than just a football field and an athletic spectacle — it’s a gem for the whole community to enjoy. Now, students, parents, faculty, and members of the community have increased pride for the school and the district. The renovations are a lifetime investment that will positively impact athletic experiences and community culture for generations to come.

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