Natural & Synthetic Turf Baseball Fields

Baseball is part of the American culture—it has roots in all generations. No matter at which level, we know there’s nothing like going “out to the ball game.”

Baseball has gone through many significant moments in history but maintains many of its traditions. One of the biggest evolutions in baseball is the emergence of synthetic turf baseball fields, especially for high school and college use. Players are consistently running faster and hitting harder than ever before, and the surface they’re playing on needs to match that. At The Motz Group, we are committed to offering the best natural and synthetic baseball fields for any level. Take a look at our recent projects to get started on your baseball field renovation or installation today.

Synthetic Turf Baseball Fields

A synthetic turf baseball field brings out the best in your athletes while keeping them safe. It also gives you added practice and play time by vastly reducing rain-outs.

If you’re looking to install a synthetic turf baseball field for your high school, college, or professional team, look no further than The Motz Group. We offer synthetic turf baseball fields in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, and Southern Michigan.

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Natural Grass Baseball Fields

If you’re looking for a field that’s closer to baseball’s roots—and by that, we mean a natural grass baseball field—then look no further. The Motz Group’s installation of high-performance natural grass fields are best in class. Just look at some of our recent projects where high-profile clients have asked us to provide some of the most cutting-edge natural grass sports systems in history.

We suggest that you view the recommended systems below or learn more about our comprehensive safety and testing for all systems.

The Motz Group offers natural grass baseball field installation all across the United States and Internationally as well. Give us a call at 513-533-6452 to schedule a consultation.