Field Hockey

Field hockey is a fast-moving, hard-hitting game where speed is ever increasing. To excel in the sport, athletes need a combination of strength, stamina, and speed. In field hockey you have 22 players thrashing at a ball with a hockey stick for over an hour. In other words, whatever hockey pitch they are playing on better be able to handle it.

Our synthetic turf field hockey fields are made for this level of activity. We conduct rigorous testing, simulating at least 40,000 cycles on the Lisport Test, so that our fields don’t just stand up to the toughest and fastest hits, but they excel in this environment.

Our fields are installed with performance, longevity, and safety in mind, and just like you, we prioritize safety above all. Our commitment to excellence and our passion for the people who play on these fields will give you the ease of mind that you have the best performing, and safest surface you can find for your athletes.

View the recommended systems below or learn more about our comprehensive safety and testing for all systems.

Field Hockey Focused Systems

Synthetic Turf Field Hockey Fields

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