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Soccer is the undisputed global powerhouse in sports. It boasts some of the largest fan bases, attendance rates, and television viewership of all competitive sports, and it’s also one of the fastest growing sports in America.

The surface being played on is just as important as the players’ skill. A wrong bounce or strange ball roll due to a bad surface could decide the game. That’s why we are committed to excellence and expert knowledge of sports science. We consider how the ball sits on the blades, the perfect fiber height, and the durability of the surface to match 90+-minute games for season after season.

The Motz Group is a leader in synthetic turf, headquartered in our own backyard. They provided excellent personalized service throughout design, construction, and operation. We had a large number of successful installations to tour in our area before making a purchase decision. With a wide variety of turf options to choose from, we were able to select a product that was a perfect match for our budget and multi-purpose needs. We know we can count on a quick response if we have any questions or concerns.

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A synthetic turf soccer field is easy to maintain and can easily withstand years of fast-paced activity while looking brand-new. Synthetic turf soccer fields are an ideal solution for all levels of play.

If you’re looking to install a synthetic turf soccer field for your high school, college, or professional team, look no further than The Motz Group. We offer synthetic turf soccer fields in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, and Southern Michigan.


At The Motz Group, we are committed to serving our clients’ needs while creating a long-lasting and durable sports field. If you prefer to go the traditional route by installing a natural grass soccer field, The Motz Group has it covered. We have designed and built many natural grass soccer fields worldwide and internationally, serving professional teams and certified as FIFA 2-star surfaces.

We suggest that you view the recommended systems below or learn more about our comprehensive safety and testing for all systems.

The Motz Group offers natural grass soccer field installation all across the United States and internationally as well.

Soccer Field Specifications

  • Speed. Soccer players prefer a quick surface that allows the game to continue at a fast pace. Our team has installed soccer fields at every level of play and knows how to build a system that ensures a swift and nimble surface needed for peak soccer performance.
  • Ball Roll. How the ball performs on the field is one of the most important game factors for soccer players. Motz synthetic surfaces ensure consistent ball performance and allow your athletes to focus on their game.
  • Durability. Many soccer-specific fields are used by athletes around the clock and it’s vital for the field to be able to withstand significant activity. Our soccer fields are built for back-to-back play and keeping your players in the game.


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