The International Olympic Committee voted unanimously in August, 2016 to add softball back to the Olympic games in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. As increased interest and new training methods are developing for the sport, The Motz Group’s products have developed with them. Base-running sports like softball have recently converted to installing primarily synthetic turf softball fields due to the benefits they offer, especially in locations of seasonal climate change and temperamental weather.

Thanks to The Motz Group’s high level of expertise, we will have your field and all of its needs covered night or day, rain or shine. Synthetic turf not only allows for more time spent on the field, but it also brings out the best in your athletes while keeping them safe. Athletes are continuously sprinting faster and hitting harder than ever before, which is why our synthetic systems are specially designed to be highly durable and consistent in their playability. No matter how hard your athletes are training, our systems will withstand the action.

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