Our comprehensive Synthetic Maintenance Program (SMP) is engineered to functionally, hygienically, and aesthetically improve synthetic turf surfaces while maximizing the lifespan of your field. SMP is an annual five-step program that is specifically designed to assist in addressing hazards to ensure continued safety for your athletes. Our experience and commitment to stand by you throughout the life of your field makes The Motz Group the right choice for installation and ongoing field maintenance.

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What To Expect
When you secure a full-service visit with one of our knowledgeable in-house maintenance crews, you can expect:
  1. An in-depth field audit of your field conditions
  2. A deep-clean vacuum sweep to collect dirt, dust, and debris
  3. A tine attachment sweep to fluff up your fibers and reposition infill
  4. An application of a contact disinfectant spray to assist with hygiene issues
  5. Your safety needs to be addressed
  6. Repair work performed
  7. A complimentary GMAX test
  8. A comprehensive report detailing each step completed on your surface
Program Benefits
Aids in addressing safety concerns
Maximizes fiber lifespan
Reconditions the infill
Improves playability
Enhances field aesthetics
Helps tackle surface hygiene issues
Provides access to synthetic turf experts
Helps plan for future field replacement
Delivers a complimentary GMAX test
Which Synthetic Turf System Is Right for You?

Identifying the best synthetic turf system and infill option for your facility requires research. Allow us to help you navigate your options and make a recommendation that will best serve your facility's needs. Are you ready to get started?

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