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The Motz Group Founder Promotes New CEO

Motz leverages a new leadership structure to expand the company’s legacy within the industry and community

 Cincinnati, OH The Motz Group announced Zach Burns has been promoted to President and CEO of the company. Zach will continue serving as President and take on his new role as CEO for Motz and their sister company USGreentech. An experienced business leader, Burns succeeded Joe Motz’s responsibilities on March 17, 2022, the 45th anniversary of the company. Joe Motz has transitioned from CEO into his new position as Founder. Joe will continue to serve the organization by building employee morale and cultivating further impact within the community.

Zach has worked at Motz for 14 years. He started in sales and marketing for The Motz Group, eventually moving up to President in 2012. During his time at Motz, he took the initiative to understand Motz’s operations by building fields, working with customers in a sales role, and serving as President and sales leader for the last 10 years. His direct approach to organizational development allowed the company to double its revenue. 

Zach graduated from Brown University in Organizational Behavior and Management. Zach actively serves on outside boards within the community, industry, and business. Zach’s commitment to excellence conveys the innovative impact Motz will leverage within the industry and community.

“I promoted Zach to CEO because he understands the Motz culture. He demonstrates the kind of organization we are,” Joe firmly stated. He continued, “Sustainability and growth of the enterprise have gotten us where we are today and that will continue under Zach’s exceptional leadership.” 

Zach sees this role as a way to continue Joe’s legacy and the company’s stated purpose of moving people to better lives through an Employee-Owned culture. The Motz team is the reason for the organization’s financial stability and growth. The company as a whole will further cultivate a start-up mindset within the culture of the organization to bring continued value to Motz employee-owners, partners, and future clients.

The Motz employees are dedicated to their customers’ success and will keep the level of integrity they have demonstrated for over 45 years. Zach said, “Our team’s knowledge, decisions, and work ethic have been a driving force in building this organization into what it is today.”  

Zach continued, “Motz has stayed stable in an ever-changing industry by trusting its employees to run the organization with an owner mindset, allowing us to make innovative strategies toward continual expansion and growth, and continuing to lead with service and putting our customers first.” Motz is committed to paced growth, remarkable customer service, and delivering knowledgeable industry expertise to their customers, partners, and community.  

As Founder, Joe’s purpose is to develop programs that will have a significant impact on the community. Joe’s near-term priority is the construction of Motz’s new headquarters, with the plan to open its doors in early 2023 to staff and the community. “The new headquarters will be a place where we can raise the bar of employee experience and community involvement,” Joe continued, “It’s a very exciting time to be a part of Motz, as we start redefining the workplace, and what it means to utilize business culture to revolutionize community impact in the 21st century.” 

Cultural leadership is what makes Motz different from other organizations. Motz has been Employee-Owned since 2018 and was awarded Certified Evergreen status by the Tugboat Institute in 2021. This holistic approach to business culture, growth, and employee development sets Motz apart and continues to make new long-lasting strides within the trade industry and community. 

About Motz:

Founded in 1977 and serving the high-performance natural and synthetic turf markets, The Motz Group is one of the world’s most recognized and highly respected turf system specialists. This employee-owned company celebrates 45+ years in the industry and proudly stands behind its products and services to ensure long-lasting, prosperous relationships with its valued customer base. In addition to becoming Certified Evergreen, Motz was also honored as a Top Place to Work in Cincinnati for the third consecutive year.

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