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Envirofill Chosen for Versatility & Performance at the World’s Largest Children’s Museum

Photo Courtesy of SYNLawn Indiana

Recently, the largest children’s museum in the world, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, opened a new 7.5 acre complex called the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience. The goal of the Children’s Museum’s new exhibit is to increase physical activity within children and their parents, and to inspire them to create healthier, fun, and more active lifestyles. The museum is achieving this through twelve different outdoor sporting experiences and three indoor experiences. This facility showcases Envirofill infill in various artificial turf applications. Envirofill is an acrylic coated sand infill infused with Microban technology. The antimicrobial protection provided by Microban makes Envirofill safe for kids and animals. With over 1.27 million visitors to the museum in 2018, the athletic artificial turf applications needed to be durable and safe, due to the amount of foot traffic they will endure. This is why Envirofill infill and SYNLawn artificial turf were outstanding choices for the Museum. SYNLawn Indiana completed the project, having installed 4 unique experiences using Envirofill.

Here at Motz, we use the saying “Envirofill is versatile” frequently, but what does that really mean and how can we prove it? When we refer to Envirofill being versatile, we are saying that Envirofill has many different uses that can be applied in various applications. The Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is a perfect example of Envirofill’s versatility. Included within this massive sport experience facility were the following Envirofill applications:

Pete and Alice Dye Golf Experience

A beautiful thirty-six-hole golf experience where half of the holes were designed as miniaturized replicas of famous holes from around the world. This putting green is used by kids and adults with all levels of golf expertise.

Photo Courtesy of SYNLawn Indiana

Subway Soccer Experience

A soccer application where children can play like a pro and learn how to dribble, pass, and shoot the ball with their friends and family.

Photo Courtesy of SYNLawn Indiana

Indianapolis Colts Football Experience

A miniature football field, giving kids the chance to be an Indianapolis Colt for a day, because what young child doesn’t fantasize of being a star football player?

Photo Courtesy of SYNLawn Indiana

Wiese Field Baseball Experience

A safe place for kids to learn how to bat, pitch and run a base. 

Photo Courtesy of SYNLawn Indiana

Envirofill’s Versatile Applications

Envirofill infill was used in all of these unique applications, Envirofill turf infill is not limited to sports applications. Here are a few of the other surfaces Envirofill has helped create:

Synthetic Turf Lawns

Whether this is your front yard, back yard, or artificial turf patio, Envirofill is reliable and durable for your turf lawn. It helps the grass blades stand upright, prevents premature wear, mitigates wrinkling of the turf, expedites drainage and helps keep the surface more sanitary.

Synthetic Turf for Playgrounds

Envirofill is safe for all children to play on. Not only can it assist with ADA compliancy, it will help keep the surface and impact attenuation more consistent over the life of the system when combined with a shock pad. Finally, the Microban technology will provide 24/7 peace of mind by helping to prevent bacteria, mold and mildew in the turf.

Synthetic Turf Applications for Pets

Pets are children, too! …and that’s why Envirofill is the perfect artificial turf infill for pet applications. Used in dog runs, dog parks, and animal adoption facilities, Envirofill helps to reduce ammonia odor that comes from pet urine by up to 99%. It is also safe for a pet or child if accidentally ingested.

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