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Tips for Installing a Putting Green in a Backyard

The ability to practice putting at home provides you the opportunity to improve your short game, keeps you in shape, and relieves stress. With a custom-designed putting green, it is possible to bring the golf course to your backyard.

Shaun Garrity, one of our Motz experts in Sports and Landscape Artificial Turf and Chairman of the Board of the Synthetic Turf Council, will provide you with the advice you need to install a putting green at home. He will also share how to create a putting green that is specific for the type of short game drills you’re looking to perfect or a course your friends and family will love to play.

Create golf game memories or improve your short game at home by installing a putting green in your backyard today. Here is the complete guide to building a putting green in a backyard.

What to Do Before Installing a Putting Green in a BAckyArd

Research Installers In Your Areas

Planning is critical when making the best decisions for the installation of a putting green in your backyard. To create a sustainable putting surface at home you want to know the size, space, terrain, climate, and maintenance of your putting green. These factors help you determine if a home putting green is a good investment based on the time, cost, and location. 

What logistical factors should you be looking for? The logistical factors are size, space, terrain, climate, and maintenance. These five factors determine how you will install a putting green in your backyard based on the materials, equipment, and labor that will be needed. You want to find an installer to create the style of course that you are looking for based on the space of your backyard. The installer will be able to create a green that will not only help you improve your game but make sure there are no drainage or mold issues in the future. 

Communicate With An Installer To Create Your Dream Putting Green In Your Backyard

Your chosen installer will provide you with the knowledge you need to create a customized putting green in your backyard that can fit your budget, home, and golf skills.

The installation of a putting green is challenging due to many factors. For instance, if you want your green to be ideal for ball roll, hiring an installer with design experience would be helpful. Some people literally install courses like it is a Masters Golf Tournament with angles and hills, etc. versus others who want a piece of turf to putt a ball and improve their short game. 

When speaking with your installer about the design, don’t forget to communicate your level of golf experience. This information is important for the installer to know because it helps them create a putting green that fits the space and a course that improves your golf game or provides fun at-home entertainment. The installer will also take into account how they can create a sustainable putting surface in your backyard based on logistics.

Set up an in-person meeting with an installer in your area to discuss your wants and needs. The installer will help you make sure you are getting the best products to create a smooth surface, ensure a proper location, prepare for drainage, and give you maintenance instructions. Here are 5 Questions You Want to Ask Your Installer Company or check out our free webinar on “What You Need to Know Before Installing a Putting Green.”

Choose Your Turf Type

Discuss the different kinds of putting green turf with your installer. The types of turf are important for the longevity of your putting green and the importance of improving your golf game.  

How do you choose the best turf for your backyard putting green? Turf type and infill are important for your golf game and the performance of your green long term. Skill level, maintenance, speed of the turf surface, and price are all factors when shopping for a putting green. The performance of your putting green is affected by the weight and material of your synthetic turf. The two popular turf options are dense half-inch short pile turf, which will have Envirofill 30/50 infill product, and if you are a scratch golfer, a sand-filled green top dressed with 16/30 Envirofill.

Select The Best Infill For Your Putting Green

Infill is important for your putting green. Infill weighs turf down and spreads the turf fibers apart in order to keep the turf surface consistent. At Motz, we provide a unique infill product, Envirofill. Envirofill is known for being the originally coated sand infill that provides consistent performance, it is 100% reusable, and is infused with Microban technology to protect against bacteria, stains, and odors. Mold can be a concern because putting green turf fibers are closely-packed together, but Envirofill helps prevent this from happening. We recommend Envirofill due to the smaller sieve size, which fits down into the dense turf better. Raw sand should not be used since it will change the color of your putting green, speed up the ball, and eventually make your green stiffer from compacting. For more information on infill check out a homeowner putting green review or Raw Sand verse Envirofill.


Are you ready to improve your golf game by installing a green in your backyard? Connect with an installer of Envirofill near you through our Where To Buy Map.

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