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5 Questions You’ll Want to Ask the Artificial Grass Installation Company — Before You Hire Them

You’ve done your research and are attracted to the many benefits of synthetic turf — like its minimal environmental impact, low-maintenance, soft-to-the-touch, and long-lasting good looks. It would appear that synthetic turf is exactly what you need in your residential landscape or at your business, and now is the time to take the next step and talk to a synthetic turf professional.

As with all significant purchases, especially one you’ll end up living with for a long time, you want to make entirely sure you’re getting exactly what you want. And you’ll want the comfort of knowing that your turf is going to be installed correctly by competent professionals.

That being said, You’ll need to ask your synthetic turf pro some questions to make sure they really know what they’re doing.

The Five Questions to ask a synthetic turf installer before you hire them

1. How many installations have you completed?

We all must start somewhere, but you don’t want a “newbie” in charge of your turf installation. Naturally, you want your turf to look good and perform as advertised.

I think many will agree that, The best degree you can get is from the school of experience. Before you put down the ink on a service contract, you’ll want to know that the company or individual installing your turf is doing so under the direction of a graduate of The Experience University.

Ask them. “How many turf installation projects have you overseen?” or, “How many years have you been installing synthetic turf?”

Don’t be shy, or you may experience the pang of regret every time you look down at a botched installation.

2. Do you outsource, or do you have your own team of installers?

Outsourcing projects is not an inherently bad thing. Being able to contract with other people and businesses better suited to a particular task is an accepted practice in the world of commerce. However, you want to know that the turf company that you or your business is contracting with is hiring the right people for the installation of your turf.

If the answer to the questions is, why yes, we do outsource installation, then you’ll need to follow up with some more questions. Has the contractor worked with them before? How many times and for how long? Are they vetted? And does the turf contractor guarantee their work?

And you’ll want the contractor to make the installers available to verify the contractor’s answers. Again, don’t be shy — and avoid feeling irritated every time you see a crinkle or tear in poorly installed turf.

3. Can you provide references or case studies?

Trust, but verify, as they say. Ask your installer for some references. A serious and experienced installer should be anticipating a request for references and have some handy.

In all likelihood, the installer is not going to refer you to people who are disgruntled with their work. Rather, the installer is going to direct you to previous customers whose projects went well. That’s good. You want to know that such a thing exists.

But you’re not going to want to just talk to people via phone or email. You’re going to want to see the installer’s work in the form of photos or the actual turf installation in person.

You’ll know you are working with a real pro if they have something like a case study to show you. A good case study should contain credible testimonials from actual customers. It should also clearly explain and demonstrate a step-by-step project from beginning to end and leave you with little doubt that your installer knows what they are doing.

4. What types of turfs are there, and which is best for me?

As with turf infills (more on that later,) all turfs are not created equal.

Turf is made from different materials, like nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene and turf comes in different pile heights, densities and colors. Of course, different turfs are better suited for different purposes. Some are perfect for kids and pets to romp around on. Other turf might be best for constant daily traffic. You’ll have to pick a color for your turf, as well.

You’ll want an installer to help you sift through the features and benefits of different turf and to help you hone in on the one that is right for you and your intended use. A good installer will have the experience to identify the perfect turf for your personalized situation.

5. What are the different infills you can use on my project?

So now you know you want synthetic turf. But you also need to have a discussion regarding infill. What is infill? you might ask.

Infill comprises 90% of the total weight of the whole install. Think of infill as being like synthetic dirt. It ensures your turf fibers are standing tall, that your artificial lawn will properly drain. It also provides a better ballast under foot, creating a more natural feel. The most common infill on residential or commercial lawns are raw silica sand and Envirofill.

Check out our blog on choosing between raw silica sand infill verses Envirofill turf infill for your artificial grass.

Some installers only include one option for infill in their original quote. Be sure to ask for a quote including Envirofill to be sure you are getting the best quality products in your installation. Every installer is able to use Envirofill in their installations, and you have the right to request this high-quality infill.

One more choice you’ll need to make is what size infill to use. For example, if you are installing a putting green, you’ll go with a smaller size of Envirofill. But for most residential and business applications, the standard size of Envirofill works best. Check out the different sizes and colors here.

Ultimately, partnering with the right installer can be as important as choosing the right infill and turf.

Luckily, we have a way for you to take some of the guess-work out of choosing an experienced and professional installer. Contact us at Motz.

In short order, we’ll put you in touch with a true, tried, and thoroughly vetted synthetic turf distributor who can install your project the right way, the first time.

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