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Envirofill Installation Guidelines for Landscape and Recreation Turf Applications

When installing a synthetic turf system the methods and equipment used for infill installation are an important part of the overall equation because as we like to say, What’s In Your Turf Matters. We have put together a set of guidelines that will help you easily install Envirofill in multiple applications.

Contained within the guidelines document you will find:

  • Recommended Equipment
    • Utility knife, goggles, drop spreader, etc.
  • System Recommendations
    • Residential Lawns
    • Playgrounds
    • Dog Friendly Applications
    • Putting Greens, Tennis and Bocce Courts
  • Recommended Installation Procedures
    • Step-by-step infill installation process

If you have any questions about installation techniques or different applications, please don’t hesitate to contact us as here.

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