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Envirofill Installed at one of the World’s Largest Golf Resorts

Imagine a weekend getaway in Upstate New York.

You stay in one of three world-class hotels. Relax in a luxurious spa. Dine in prestigious restaurants. Experience cabaret. Try your hand at gambling. And of course, practice your putting in one of five pristine golf courses.

That’s a weekend at Turning Stone Resort Casino, a destination resort in Verona, NY — one of the largest golf resorts in the world.

Putting Green Installation and Photo by Keepers Turf

A few years ago, Turning Stone Resort Casino noticed guests choosing golf over tennis more and more. Tennis attendance was shrinking. Golf was growing in popularity.

So they pivoted, covering about two and half tennis courts with synthetic turf to make new greens and chipping facilities.

With that goal in mind, Turning Stone Resort Casino reached out to Cincinnati-based artificial turf installer Keepers Turf after seeing their putting green installation at Ohio State’s Golf Facility

Keepers Turf installed a 17,000 square foot artificial turf chipping and putting center inside Turning Stone’s golf dome.

Putting Green Installation and Photo by Keepers Turf

Each of the three greens offers different speeds on the Stimpmeter, meaning each green is a different speed. Although this means each green has different artificial turf — they all have one thing in common. Keepers Turf chose Envirofill 30/50 infill as the top dressing for each hitting facility and green.

Envirofill is a specialized acrylic-coated sand infill with Microban® technology to help fight against bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface, which can be a common problem with turf putting greens over time. Envirofill 30-50 is specifically ideal for putting greens because it falls into the dense turf easily due to it’s small sieve size.

Curious about the difference between raw sand versus Envirofill for putting greens? Read this blog comparing the safety, cleanliness and overall performance of the two infill types, side by side.

Oftentimes, a raw sand is used as the sole infill for a putting green. Check out this blog to learn why installing Envirofill in your putting green provides superior benefits. 

Putting Green with Envirofill - Comparison vs Raw Sand for Email

Installing new indoor artificial turf golf greens helped Turning Stone Resort Casino to grow attendance by expanding a side of their resort that their guests loved — and entice a more broad range of golfers, from beginners to pros.

So, Why Did Keepers Turf Choose Envirofill for This Artificial Turf Golf Dome?

Low Maintenance Turf Infill

Turning Stone Resort Casino welcomes 4.5 million visitors a year. And since their visitors love golf so much they transformed their tennis courts into more golf space… you can easily understand why this would be a highly trafficked surface. Since Envirofill requires such little maintenance to remain top quality, this was a perfect artificial turf infill choice.


High-end Aesthetics

A world-class resort requires attention to detail. Turning Stone Resort Casino knows their visitors expect certain standards, and the appearances of their golf courses are no exception. The natural green look of Envirofill blends with high quality artificial turf for a clean and classy aesthetic that helps give the resort’s guests that luxury experience.


Turning Stone Resort Casino attracts golfers of all levels. But they know each of their guests is looking for a premium experience — whether they’re beginners or seasoned pros. Envirofill provides a firm, fast and safe surface perfect for practicing golf.

“We install Envirofill in all putting green projects because we have found it to be high quality and a consistent product compared to using regular raw sand. Envirofill does not absorb bacteria and works to fight off mold and mildew due to the Microban antimicrobial technology.”

– Tom Z., Keepers Turf, Owner

And when you factor in Envirofill’s 16-year warranty, you can see Envirofill is a smart choice for high-performance artificial grass putting greens.

Are you installing a new golf green? Consider Envirofill as your artificial turf infill. Learn more here.

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