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Homeowner Review Part 1: What Was it Like to Have Artificial Grass Installed in my Backyard?

This blog was written by Brad Weisman, a real Motz customer.

Prior to the day of installation, I was preparing for this massive work crew to come to my house with big trucks and was anticipating that the install would make a lot of noise. Admittedly, I had concerns that I had signed a contract to have this massive job done. I quickly learned it was much simpler and far less evasive then I had realized. I could compare it to when you have a tooth taken out. It is quick overall and painless… when the dust settles. Think of it as a face lift for your yard or an intensive mowing session that once it’s complete, it lasts forever.

The process began with leveling the land the turf was going to be placed on. Additionally, it seemed like truck loads of dirt were dropped in place of where the grass once resided. Ahhh, the big trucks I was looking at from afar were actually a device that had a large roller which eventually matted down the mounds of dirt. This took several hours to complete the initial process, but it did not disturb my day or my neighbors.

The next few steps went fairly quickly. A huge mat of turf was rolled out into my now evolving backyard. The large turf mat was in fact covering far more than the space it was going to take over. First the mat was rolled out and set to cover the area. Under the mat was some kind base material to go over the dirt and create undulations to the surface. This creates challenge and makes the golf ball deviate to a direction other than perfectly straight. I like a challenge.

As soon as the turf mat was laid down, the shaping of the green was created. Thus, creating the putting green we see when on a course. After it was secured in place, the last touch and what I learned to be most important, was installing the infill. Infill is essentially fake dirt to keep the blades of turf standing tall and allows for the ball to roll like it should. When I originally reached out for quotes, I had not realized the importance of choosing the right infill. Raw sand is commonly used as infill with backyards and putting greens, but I learned that Envirofill was the highest performing infill, especially for golf applications like mine. It also did not turn my beautiful green into a tan or brown color like raw sand does. It keeps the aesthetics looking the best they can be.

After the installers filled the turf fibers with the Envirofill, my backyard with little prior character became a putting green. A slice of heaven for a golfer and a place of tranquility. This all occurred in about 6 hours of time. The installation caused no disturbance in my backyard. In fact, that day we were able to be on it and use it. From useless land to a place of fun and far less maintenance. I highly recommend this alternative to grass. It adds character and curb appeal to your home and has little maintenance requirements. This was the best home improvement decision I have ever made in the last 10 years. It has become a place of fun from day to day for me and my family.

By: Brad Weisman, golf enthusiast, family man, and proud synthetic turf putting green owner.

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